National & World Masters Records Fall at Sarasota Long Course Meet

Courtesy: Anna Lea Matysek

13 potential USMS records*, including six potential world records, were set at the 2021 Bumpy Jones Classic Long Course Masters Meet, held June 5-6, 2021, at the Selby Aquatic Center in Sarasota, Fla.

The annual meet is named in honor of Burwell “Bumpy” Jones, 1952 Olympian, who passed away earlier this year. Jones was a long-time Sharks Masters team member.

Lawrence Day of the Michigan Masters led the way with five potential USMS and world records in the Men’s 70-74 age group. Day set a record in every event he swam: the 200 Backstroke (2:40.25), 200 Fly (2:51.90), 200 IM (2:45.55), 100 Fly (1:09.50), and 400 IM (5:55.97).

The Sarasota Sharks relay team (L-R): Bob Couch, Jack Martin, Jack Groselle, Rick Walker. Photo: Laura Groselle.

Diann Uustal of the Sarasota Sharks Masters club set four potential USMS records in the Women’s 75-79 age group. Uustal swam the 50 Backstroke (41.22), 100 Backstroke (1:29.76), and 200 Backstroke (3:18.25) events along with the 50 Freestyle (35.27).

In the Men’s 80-84 age group, Mike Freshley, also of the Sarasota Sharks, set potential USMS records in the 50 Breaststroke (42.84), 100 Breaststroke (1:39.15), and 200 Breaststroke (3:35.65) events.

A Sarasota Sharks relay also set a potential USMS and world record. The Men’s relay team included Jack Groselle, Jack Martin, Bob Couch, and Rick Walker. Their time in the Men’s 280-319 age group for the 800 Freestyle Relay was 10:15.72.

*All records are subject to further verification.

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1 year ago

Day’s times are insane! 2:40 2BK, sub 6:00 [email protected] 70+ y.o.? wth?

1 year ago

That guy looks amazing for 70+. I would have guessed 50s. Good for him.

Reply to  96Swim
1 year ago

It is wild how young older folks who never stopped swimming look. A 20 year shift seems consistent with the 70+ masters swimmers I know, and I notice a ~10 year shift for people in their 50s. As Dory says, “just keep swimming!”.

Last edited 1 year ago by theloniuspunk
The Original Tim
Reply to  96Swim
1 year ago

There was a woman, since passed away, who swam at meets in the Richmond area. I remember passing her on the pool deck at one of those meets back in 2013 or so and she chatted with me, a complete stranger, for a minute or two. I thought she was in her 70s.

She got up on the blocks for the 50 free and the starter announced that she was the masters world record holder in the 50 and 100 free…for the 100-104 age group.

It was mind boggling!

Beth Baker
Reply to  The Original Tim
1 year ago

Marie Kelleher??

cynthia curran
1 year ago

Anyone in the 70 to 74 age group under 3:00 in butterfly at 200 meter fly is great. The women only have one person that did that in the 200 meter fly, Penny Noyes in the 65=69 age group. Young people probably think the masters times are slow, but people’s body is a lot different in the age groups beyond 60.

Reply to  cynthia curran
1 year ago

Isn’t that the truth!

Reply to  cynthia curran
1 year ago

just looked up his USMS results — went 2:20 in the 200m fly as a 50yo. respect!