Mix up swim practice with the Tempo Trainer Pro and Foil Monofin

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

FINIS, Foil Monofin (courtesy of FINIS)

FINIS, Foil Monofin (courtesy of FINIS)

In using the Tempo Trainer Pro (TTP), coaches and swimmers sometimes fall into a rut of drill sets or high yardage workouts. This week, challenge yourself to mix it up! The TTP is a great way to incorporate precision into an array of otherwise routine sets. For instance, try using the TTP in conjunction with a Foil Monofin to tune into a controlled underwater kick.

Using the TTP to regulate the speed and frequency of each dolphin kick will promote an even kick in both directions. The majority of swimmmers do not put enough emphasis on the up phase of the dolphin kick. The TTP reinforces the rhythmic, symmetrical movements found in the fastest underwater kicking. The inclusion of the Foil Monofin will provide added resistance for building core and leg strength. For more inspiration, check out the FINIS Workout of the Week for a challenging set that includes both the TTP and the Foil Monofin.

CLICK HERE to view or download the Tempo Trainer Pro Reference Guide for more tips, testimonials and sample sets.


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