Missy Franklin will compete at Arena Pro Swim Series Santa Clara next month

Olympic champ and world record-holder Missy Franklin has been quiet on the competition front since her huge NCAA Championships, but she will be jumping into long course season headfirst at next month’s Santa Clara Pro Swim Series, her agent says.

It’s unknown if Franklin will be competing in the weeks before that meet, but it’s possible that Santa Clara will be Franklin’s official professional debut. The young superstar wrapped up her second and final college season just two months ago.

Franklin officially turned pro in preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics, officially signing with an agent the day after NCAAs. Franklin is just under two weeks past her 20th birthday and is one of the brightest young talents in swimming. Combining impressive versatility, major international success and a friendly, outgoing personality, Franklin was recently ranked as the 4th-most marketable athlete in the entire world.

Franklin has yet to sign an official deal with any swimsuit company, which would seem to be the next big move for her. If she hasn’t signed an official deal by the Santa Clara meet in mid-June, what suit she races in might be as newsworthy as how she actually swims, much as it was with Michael Phelps last spring, before his mega-deal with AquaSphere.

The Santa Clara stop of the Arena Pro Swim Series is the tour’s finale, and typically one of the faster meets of the U.S.’s summer season. It will take place June 18-21 at the George F. Haines International Swim Center in Santa Clara, California.

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Good for Missy. So glad to get to see her compete again. Suit company predictions? I think she’s gonna go with speedo. Speedo always goes for the big, young, American Talent. Also, she wears their suits to ALL of her major competitions. If not speedo, she’ll probably get offers from Arena and TYR too, but it’s whoevers suits she likes more really for her

canada fan

Go Missy! We all love you and want you to do great! xo

Roll Tide!

Honestly, I’d love to see a company like Nike pick her up. They are a big name brand in other sports, but when it comes to swimming, they aren’t very popular YET. I feel like a big name athlete like Missy would help them grow as a company, but that’s just my opinion. Realistically, I see her going to speedo. She’s always worn their suits and goggles, and it seems like she just generally prefers them.


Roll Tide!, it would be interesting to see if a bidding war would develop. Speedo cannot compete with Nike money, no one really can, just not sure where their tech suits match up with the major swimming players like speedo, arena then TYR. I would guess she’s stick with Speedo, but if Nike has a decent suit in the works and they throw any bit of their infinite resources at her, she could be their major marketing tool in the swimming world.


I would love to see her with Nike. That would be a huge boost and exposure for swimming in general. IMO if Aqua Sphere could do it, Nike can…

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