Missy Franklin Breaks Independent School Record in 200 IM; Far From Overall Mark

Though Dagny Knutson’s career may have been cut short before she had any big international successes, and though there was some polyurethane in play, it is a referendum on how good Knutson was that a pair of Olympic gold medalists couldn’t take down her National High School Records in early action on Saturday. Katie Ledecky swam the 200 free and was about two-tenths off, and then in Colorado, Missy Franklin swam a 1:56.85 in the 200 IM to miss Knutson’s overall record by a solid three seconds.

Franklin’s swim did, however, take down the 200 IM Independent High School Record held by her good friend and fellow Olympian Kathleen Hersey. Hersey, who swam for Marist High School in Georgia, was a 1:57.41 in 2008. Knutson still stands as queen-of-the-mountain with a 1:53.82 from 2009 (albeit in prelims).

The comparative splits of the two swims are below. Not a big surprise, as Franklin fell behind the record pace of the butterflier Hersey early in the race, but made up a ton of ground on the backstroke. Hersey, more of a true IM’er than Franklin who swam this race more for its impact on the team standings, was better on breaststroke, but Franklin brought the race home hard in a closing split of 27.64. Also keep in mind that Franklin’s swim was done in altitude, which makes a small but noticeable difference on time over 200 yards.

Franklin, who was not shaved or tapered for this meet, missed out on a record in her next swim, the 500 free, where she was a 4:41.72. She swam anchors on the two free relays as well, so no chances at flat-start records there.

Hersey ’08 – 25.11 – 29.25 – 34.86 – 28.19 – 1:57.41
Franklin ’13 – 25.59 – 27.89 – 35.73 – 27.64 – 1:56.85

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Also keep in mind that Franklin could have probably gone 1:53-1:54 in a 2008-9 techsuit

bobo gigi

These are very logical results. Missy didn’t swim her best events. She wasn’t tapered. And the meet was at high altitude. 1.56 is a very decent time for her in the 200 IM. Tapered and at a lowest altitude she can already swim 1.53 in this race.


Way off topic but O’connor (who Braden trumpeted on this site in 2011) who is younger than Franklin is looking for a big IM today LCM. She has already smashed pb’s this winter going 4.44 in the 400IM and 1.59.50 in the 200m free (3 second pb). I also know she did a stand up 2.11.5 (faster than her pb) 200IM in training a few weeks ago, stand up. Another young IM’er to look for.

bobo gigi

I don’t consider until now Missy as an IM’er. She’s weak on butterfly and on breaststroke. But thanks to her natural talent she swims 2.11 in long course. If she wants to dominate this race backstroke and freestyle are not enough. She knows it very well. Breaststroke is very special and I can understand she struggles. The biggest question is her butterfly which isn’t efficient. I’m not a specialist, perhaps it’s a technical problem, but it’s weird with her big body and her long arms that she isn’t better on that stroke. I don’t know if she wants to become an IM’er in the future but if yes, she knows what to work. She is already in 2.11 with an… Read more »

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