Michael Phelps Comments On His Upcoming Move to Arizona State With Coach Bob Bowman

In a statement made via Twitter, Michael Phelps publicly voiced his support for coach Bob Bowman and the Arizona State swimming and diving program. With Arizona State’s announcement that Bob Bowman was hired as the new head swim coach, there was a lot of speculation about where Michael Phelps would continue to train. At a press conference later that day, Bowman confirmed that Michael Phelps would be making the move with him.

 “If we’re going to recruit the top athletes, every one of those want to swim in the Olympics,” Bowman said. “They need to know they have a vehicle for doing that and this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that.” – Bob Bowman

Via Twitter, Michael Phelps said:

“I am pumped for Bob, this is a great opportunity for him and I know he will be successful in building a great program at ASU. He has been there for me throughout my career and he will always be my coach. Ill continue to train under him in Arizona and look forward to following the training program we have set in place as we work towards 2016.”

Michael Phelps is already considered the Greatest Of All Time as the most decorated Olympian in history with 22 Olympic medals. He is training to qualify for his fifth US Olympic Team. The only other American swimmer that has competed at the Olympics five different times is Dara Torres.

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bobo gigi

“Michael Phelps is training to qualify for his 5th olympic team.”
For my knowledge, has another US swimmer, male of female, accomplished that before MP?
It looks so crazy to qualify 5 times for a US swimming olympic team, by far the hardest team of the world to qualify.


You’re missing an easy one – I expect more from you Bobo! 🙂
Dara Torres – 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, 2008 (and just a hair from #6 in 2012).

Jill Sterkel has previously qualified for 4 teams (didn’t compete, though, in 1980). Phelps obviously has 4 also. Not sure if there are others in the four-club.


US swimmers in 4 Olympics: Thompson, Beard, Lezak also come to mind. Getting through US trials 4 times, let alone 5, is astounding.

Coughlin and Lochte will go for #4 in 2016. Any others?

Dara Torres made 5 teams, she’s the only American.

bobo gigi

Thanks guys.
I was too lazy to start big researches now.


Nuts that she did 5 while skipping 96 and 04!


These Twitter “press releases” by Michael always seem so dry to me. His interviews have gotten better, he actually talks about how he feels and I believe the things he says but these twitter posts are kind of cold and make me feel like he just tweets out and gets it done because he knows he “has to” make a comment on it. I’m probably being too critical, I’ve just been noticing this. Anyone feel the same?


You are not alone.
I admire MP’s swimming, but he comes across as a robot outside the pool. As much as people laugh at Ryan Lochte, at least they pay attention to him.

Cate Garrison

Ummmm people pay a lot of attention to Phelps. Why do you think Mesa sold out? Sponsors pay a lot of attention to him. He is a swimmer, he doesn’t do stand up.

We Love Phelps

because of MP, Mesa now is a well known place in the States and it will forever be remembered as the Michael Phelps comeback meet. and as soon as news spreading that he’ll be swimming in Charlotte…GM all sessions $250 per tix and GM Friday night finals are sold out immediately! whatever u people say will not deny the fact that Michael Phelps has always been & will always be the main attraction to both the media & fans at small or big meets. The differences between MP & the robot 1. MP has feelings & knows how to smile — robot doesn’t 😀 2. MP knows how to swim & wins golds for his country (beat the s**t out… Read more »


Your dont have a clue. MP is the most decorated Olympian in the history of the summer Olympics, thats dating back to 1892. No one ever said he has to be an accomplished spokes person. He’s a swimmer not a drama major. YES! YOU ARE WAY TOO CRITICAL. HE TRAINED YEAR AFTER YEAR AND HAS EARNED THE RESPECT THAT YOU SHOULD GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY SACRIFICED ALOT since before the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000. All in all that’s about 18-20 years of training in a pool, the gym, eating right. Giving up the the things that kids and teenagers do for fun and not to mention take for granted. So please give RESPECT to a man who rightfully… Read more »

Cate Garrison

So? What is he supposed to do? You are being too critical.


Exactly how deep do you expect him to get in a twitter post which is limited to 140 characters? The concise, to-the-point, devoid-of-fluff comments seem perfectly appropriate for the medium.


Well, it is 140 characters at a time and he doesn’t have to do them… One also can’t read inflection in how he would say this versus typing it. Punctuation also can play part in the message:

Let’s eat, grandma! Let’s eat grandma?!



LOL! Very funny! 🙂

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