Michael Phelps Comments On His Upcoming Move to Arizona State With Coach Bob Bowman

In a statement made via Twitter, Michael Phelps publicly voiced his support for coach Bob Bowman and the Arizona State swimming and diving program. With Arizona State’s announcement that Bob Bowman was hired as the new head swim coach, there was a lot of speculation about where Michael Phelps would continue to train. At a press conference later that day, Bowman confirmed that Michael Phelps would be making the move with him.

 “If we’re going to recruit the top athletes, every one of those want to swim in the Olympics,” Bowman said. “They need to know they have a vehicle for doing that and this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that.” – Bob Bowman

Via Twitter, Michael Phelps said:

“I am pumped for Bob, this is a great opportunity for him and I know he will be successful in building a great program at ASU. He has been there for me throughout my career and he will always be my coach. Ill continue to train under him in Arizona and look forward to following the training program we have set in place as we work towards 2016.”

Michael Phelps is already considered the Greatest Of All Time as the most decorated Olympian in history with 22 Olympic medals. He is training to qualify for his fifth US Olympic Team. The only other American swimmer that has competed at the Olympics five different times is Dara Torres.

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7 years ago

One of the best ways to train Olympians is to have one in your local water.
The Bowman Phelps circus coming to ASU is a smart move for ASU.

7 years ago

Yes a college coach can be a club coach.

7 years ago

I’m not up to date on all the rules, but can a college coach be a club coach at the same time? Isnt there an NCAA rule against that?

Gina Rhinestone
7 years ago

I can’t be sure about those canyons & deserts but I can safely say that after MP arrives , Tempe will still be an Illuminati free zone .

Phyllis Maynor
7 years ago

This is a great exciting opportunity for MP, Bob Bowman and all the other great athletes who want to follow…best of luck, 2016 Olympics should be promising..gold,gold gold!!

7 years ago

First of all, is this really news? or just another way to get Phelps name in the press more?

How many of you really think Bob would take the job if Michael $$$ Phelps didn’t want to go? There is NO WAY!!

Still don’t understand why Bowman isn’t going to ASU right away? To me it is a sign that he isn’t interested in the current swimmers there! Wonder how much attention these swimmers will get next year with Phelps, Schmitt, etc there? Will they run a separate morning and separate afternoon workout for them or will they swim with college team? Now these questions would make an interesting article!

Reply to  weirdo
7 years ago

I couldn’t agree more. This comment deserves more attention!

Reply to  Thomas
7 years ago

I tend to agree. ASU is a rebuild program, which means all hands on deck from a coaching/recruiting stand point. But Michael Phelps is Bowmans bread and butter…

7 years ago

this article barely qualifies for news

Eldridge Cleaver
7 years ago

Based on what I’ve seen in the news the past few days, this looks like a very good time to leave Baltimore.

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