Michael Andrew Breaks Another NAG Record; Suffers Collapsed Lung

For those who questioned whether or not 12-year old Michael Andrew had the endurance to excel in races longer than 50 yards, he answered that emphatically by breaking the 200 yard breaststroke National Age Group Record at a meet in Independence, Missouri two weeks ago.

Andrew swam a 2:13.33 at the Polar Beat Meet at the Henley Aquatic Centre to break the 2006 record of Tanner Kurz of 2:13.52. Kurz has signed a National Letter of Intent to swim at Indiana this fall.

This is his 12th National Age Group record overall (11 short course, 1 long), and the first of his career that is in an event longer than a 100. When we interviewed his father and coach Peter Andrew in December, he claimed that Michael’s future was actually in the middle-distance races, and it seems that his prophecy might have been accurate.

Also at this meet, he came close to breaking the two-minute barrier in the 200 yard IM for the first time with a 2:00.97 lifetime-best. That moves him into 9th on the all-time age group list. He also cut three-and-a-half seconds off of his lifetime best in the 200 free with a 1:50.35.

After breaking the record, Michael had a bit of a scare with a “spontaneous pneumothorax,” which is code for a sudden collapsed lung caused by a buildup in air in the chest cavity. The specific causes of many spontaneous pneumothorax is unknown, but specialists told the family that this is not an uncommon occurrence in tall, skinny boys like Michael. The condition is self-healing, and Michael has already made a full recovery in time to swim at a meet in Missouri this weekend.

And don’t look now, but Michael’s mother, Tina, tells us that he’s hit another growth-spurt.


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Sarah Andrew
10 years ago

Michael Andrew, I’m proud to say, is my cousin!! And he’s a JOLLY GOOD SWIMMER!! Keep it up Michael!! 😉

10 years ago

To add to Jim’s comment: Michael is one of the best things to happen to the younger boy age group lately. He adds a level of excitement to any meet where he’s participating, and the kids really enjoy watching/swimming against him. Plus, kids usually put in their best times when they swim against him. He’s also a friendly, polite, intelligent boy, and positive role-model for the sport(kudos to mom and dad). I think swimming is a wonderful life-long sport for kids. For the sport to grow we need to encourage that upcoming talent.

10 years ago

Simmer down a bit and relax mom…..if you’re doing everything right as you say you are….you have nothing to defend.

10 years ago

Saw Beta Nelson swim for the first time this past summer at Zones, potential is equally there. Long, tall butterflier too, think she got the winter junior cut there in the fly at 12..

10 years ago

If anyone is intrested check out the results of the schroeder A+ meet in wisconsin! michael is putting up awesome times! Also notebly a 13 year old girl named beata nelson posted a 51.0 in the 100 free along with two 55s in the 100 fly/back!! Thats incredible!!! National teamers david plummer and josh schneider are also in the meet along with adam mania! Very fast swimming going on in milwaukee!

10 years ago

I met the Andrews this past weekend. Didn’t know who Michael was before then. My 13 yr. old swims and told me, “Dad, the fastest 12 yr. old in the nation is here”. My 13 yr. old introduced me the Michael’s parents. I find Peter and Tina very refreshing as parents. Michael has an incredible gift. His parents are doing a phenomenal job of dealing with an unusual situation. I’ve worked with young people for over 3 decades and it is quite rare to see the intentional vision the Andrews have for their children.

The unique thing that sets this swim family apart from the rest is that they have life prioritized correctly. They understand the gift of their swimming… Read more »

10 years ago

Dear mom and dad, don’t feed the trolls.

10 years ago

40…..10 to go.

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