London Took Over Cali’s Lead In 1 Event, Skins Are W Fly/M Free (Day 1 Wrap-Up)


Day 1 Recap

Team Scores After Day One

  1. London Roar, 277.0
  2. Cali Condors, 263.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 187.0
  4. Aqua Centurions, 181.5

In an interesting turn of events, the London Roar leads on the Cali Condors by 13.5 points after the first day of competition. Similarly, the Tokyo Frog Kings are now a mere 5.5 points ahead of the inching Aqua Centurions for third place. After the first six events of the match, Cali only had a one-point lead over London. Despite numerous point gains from the 4×100 freestyle relays by the Condors, the Roar slowly inched at the Condors in the third session of the match to topple their team lead.

Entering the third session, Cali had a 13-point lead over London, 181-168. Kira Toussaint set the tone for the session with her win in the 50 back over Condor Olivia Smoliga. In the men’s 50 back, Guilherme Guido upset event favorite Coleman Stewart of Cali, 22.60 to 22.92, to pick up the jackpot win of 19 points. Roar teammate Christian Diener avoided Guido’s jackpot by scoring 5 points while Condor Angel Martinez got jackpotted. London wound up out-scoring Cali 24-7 in this event and took over the lead in the team standings by 5 points, 205-200. Into the women’s 400 free, London was able to stay ahead of Cali with a 4-point advantage, improving their lead to 213-204.

In the men’s 400 free, London utilized a strong point pick-up strategy with the newly-instated 100-mark checkpoint bonus. At 100 meters, Zac Incerti flipped first to secure 6 points right off the bat. Then, Duncan Scott held off Aqua’s Matteo Ciampi to secure the 14-point jackpot win. Despite placing seventh at the finish, Incerti wound up picking up 8 total points, which would be equivalent to a 1st- or 2nd-place finish in an individual event. The Roar earned 22 total points to Cali’s 5.5 points, again improving their lead over the Condors to a 25.5-point margin, 235-209.5.

While Cali was able to win both medley relays, meaning they once again get to get the final pick on skins strokes, London still held onto to their lead. Following the medley relays, the skins selections were made.

The Tokyo Frog Kings did not play any part in the stroke elimination process following their double fourth-place relay aggregate point totals. Luckily, to Tokyo’s benefit, the London Roar eliminated breaststroke both times before the Cali Condors could have a say. At the same time, the Aqua Centurions strategically removed freestyle from the women’s side and backstroke from the men’s side. In the end, the women’s 50 fly and men’s 50 free were chosen for tomorrow’s skins events.

London’s Emma McKeon is a two-stroke sprinter, and will likely appear on the women’s 50 fly skins start lists to the Roar’s advantage. However, Cali’s Kelsi Dahlia, a previous season 3 fly skins winner, defeated McKeon in the 100 fly on day one. Meanwhile, the Condors will need Caeleb Dressel and Justin Ress on their A-game to hold off London’s Kyle Chalmers in the men’s 50 free skins.

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1 year ago


Last edited 1 year ago by Troyy
1 year ago

What’s with all the gimmicky scoring features?

1 year ago

Will be very interesting to see how Emma goes in Skins. We know her 50-100 free and 100 fly has improved massively, but we haven’t seen a 50 fly from her. Despite Dahlia taking the 100 fly today, I’d give the edge to Emma. If she can knock skins out of the park that could literally decide the match.

Kyle is great, but he has no shot at the 50 skins. He’s not a 50 swimmer. Best he can hope for is to make the second round and then hope everyone else drops, because he is pretty good at holding on.

Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

He won’t beat dressel but he can make finals because unlike the others he won’t slow down as much as the others, Chalmers did win a kind round back in 2019 so he can make final

Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

Oddly enough, the “there and back” SCM works out better for Chalmers than the straight one-lap of LCM. No way he beats Dressel over 50 (other than locking him in the ready room) but if he survives the first cut then he could well make final 2.

Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

I get the impression Emma has easier speed in free than fly but should still contend well in fly skins.

Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

If Kyle can get into round 3 then it will be closer than most giving him credit for.

Similar to Scott.

Question is do they have the raw speed to get out of rounds 1 and 2.

Reply to  C_Swim
1 year ago

I think they’d go with Chalmers + Simons/Nakamura/Carter (but I think Carter is relay-only this match, since Carter, Chalmers and Mildred are the ones without indiv events yesterday).

Better leaving Scott on the 400IM right before the skins

Coach Mike 1952
1 year ago

Shaping up to be a very good match!

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