Livestream Andy Previews the MIAC Conference Championships

It’s championship season, folks, and you know what that means: Livestream Andy is back in action.

Andy Hardt hit the ground running last year, serving as a BTN Network commentator for five of the seven sessions of the 2018 men’s  NCAA Championships. He quickly gained a cult following here on our site, becoming famous for his entertaining quotes, like claiming someone looking fresh to be “full of swimming!”

Now, with the Division III Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championships kicking off Thursday at University of Minnesota’s Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center, Andy – fully bearded, perhaps also preparing to shave down for the postseason – is once again doing his thing. Watch below as he previews all the good action to come this week.

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Yaaaaas I love Livestream Andy! MIACs have historically had terrible commentating, I’m so glad we will be in good hands again this year.



…but if the Gustie women don’t win, it would be awesome to see St Kate’s take it.

I think the men’s meet is where you should be putting your hopes for Gustie glory. There’s an argument to be made that the GAC men are the favorites. It should be close either way. Looking forward to it.


I will take any Gustie success, men or women. I’ve got plenty of energy to root for both! As an alumna, I’m cheering for my gals regardless of favorite or underdog status. If the guys bring it home, all the better.

Andrew Mering

It is genuinely weird to think that the GAC women are likely going to end up 3rd. I’d guess that they’ve been in the top 2 at least 15 years in a row (I haven’t looked that up). It’s not like they fell off a cliff. Kate’s just got really good really fast.

As a Carleton alumnus, I’m just rooting for an event win or two. Maybe a school record for Meyer.


Go St. Kates! #WentzelReign Begins

Small bird

Who would contribute to a gofundme for Andy’s trip to Austin for NCAAs? Toss me an upvote as I consider whether to set up the account.

– I haven’t talked to Andy / don’t know if he’s interested
-I don’t know what live streaming rules there are (broadcast rights Etc).
Also please comment if you know any information pertaining to the above two points

2) he wouldn’t be able to do a livestream of any kind, unfortunately. Unless ESPN hired him.

If you got him there, though, I’m sure that we could find him something to do!


Spill the tea please

Small bird

Hypothetical question – do you know if a live audio stream where he commented over the ESPN broadcast would be legal? Technically wouldn’t be streaming any ESPN material, just his own proprietary commentary.

I think, logistically, would be hard to get Andy’s stream and ESPN stream to sync up well, but presumably all he would need would be an ESPN account, a live audiosteeaming service and a mic. Then fans could have muted ESPN tab open and Andy’s livestream open.

Small bird – that’s an interesting question, and I think it’s probably one that’s either currently working its way through courts or will be shortly, because I know for a few moments of time, that was all the rage. At the end of the day, it’s probably not about what’s legal – if ESPN doesn’t like it, they’ll sue, and it will be shut down, because Andy isn’t going to pay to defend that lawsuit. If he was lucky they’d leave it at that. That’s unfortunately how intellectual property law usually works in this country. That whole description before sporting events “may not disseminate this game or any description of this game…”. Nobody knows if it’s legally binding or not,… Read more »


I missed it – what did the AD say?


I would contribute lol. Was a big fan of him last year

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