LIVE UPDATES: ISL Press Conference, U.S. Roster Reveal

Today at noon (U.S. Eastern Time), the International Swimming League will hold a press conference announcing rosters for half of its 8 inaugural franchises. That includes two of the four American franchises which so far have no official athlete announcements. (The European teams have been revealing their rosters on social media as they’ve signed athletes, so we have a good portion of their rosters already nailed down.

We’ll be following the press conference live, trying to capture as much of the new information, announcements and athlete quotes as we can. Stay tuned to this page and keep refreshing for live updates from the press conference.

Also keep tabs on the SwimSwam frontpage, where we’ll be posting more full roster announcements as we get them.

Rosters expected to be announced today:

Group A: Announced 6/11/2019

  • Cali Condors
  • DC Trident
  • AquaCenturions
  • Energy Standard

Group B: Announced 6/18/2019

  • LA Current
  • New York Breakers
  • Team Iron
  • London Roar

Live Updates

10:30 AM: In the pre-press conference setup, we’ve already seen Lilly King and Olivia Smoliga, suggesting they are members of either the Condors or the Trident. Cody Miller has been mentioned as a press conference participant as well.

11:00 AM: The Rome-based Aqua Centurions are first up, introduced by Alessandra Guerra and Marita Guglielmi. “ISL is the future and we are so proud of being part of this adventure,” Guglielma said. She named Fabio Scozzoli as the team’s vice captain.

11:10 AM: Next up was GM Jason Lezak of the Cali Condors. He introduced two of his athletes: Lilly King and Olivia Smoliga. “I think the league is really going to change how we see swimming,” King said.

“We are the team to beat,” Smoliga said with a laugh in some light trash talking with the other franchises.

Their roster includes Kelsi Dahlia, Mallory Comerford, Townley Haas, Hali Flickinger, Melanie Margalis and Australians Ariarne Titmus and Jack Cartwright among others.

11:15 AM: Next are the DC Trident, GM’d by Kaitlin Sandeno, who introduced Cody Miller and Natalie Coughlin, who will be competing for the Trident as an athlete.

“Many people assumed that I was retired,” Coughlin said. “I very purposefully and thoughtfully never retired.

“When I decided not to make a retirement announcement, it was to compete in fun competitions,” Coughlin said. She says Sandeno asked her about six weeks ago to join her roster, and that she ultimately decided to compete and stay in the competitive swimming community, even after recently becoming a mother. She says she kickstarted her training about six weeks ago.

DC’s roster includes Kevin Cordes, Zane Grothe, Siobhan Haughey, Katie Ledecky and Jay Litherland, among others.

11:20 AM: Finally, the Energy Standard Club announced their roster with two representatives: Florent Manaudou and captain Sarah Sjostrom.

Their roster includes Chad le Clos, Penny Oleksiak, Ben Proud, Evgeny Rylov and Anton Chupkov, among others.

11:25 AM: We asked what the GMs prioritized in recruiting athletes for their teams:

Sandeno: she mentioned versatility, but especially emphasized powerful women. Sandeno explained her rationale for going after Coughlin, who she says has been an icon and a hugely impactful swimmer for women in the sport. She also emphasized depth, comparing it to the NCAA format.

James Gibson (Energy Standard): he focused on athletes who could step up in the moment, who were versatile and willing to take on challenges. Gibson also mentioned athletes with a background in team swimming.

11:30 AM: Miller, who grew up near Las Vegas, talked about the excitement of competing in a meet in an arena in Las Vegas. “10-year-old me would be so excited,” Miller laughed.

11:35 AM: Coughlin, asked about her competition plans outside of the ISL, said she “probably should shake off the cobwebs” at a different competition first, but didn’t have any specific meet plans. She emphasized her liking of the short course format, and said she’d probably focus on sprints, though she’d swim whatever Sandeno needed her to. Coughlin said she was excited about the challenge of getting back into shape, but pointedly did not make any comments about other international meets like U.S. Nationals or Olympic Trials in 2020.


Full rosters:

Aqua Centurions:

Cali Condors:

DC Trident:

  • Anika Apostalon
  • Zach Apple
  • Lisa Bratton
  • Kevin Cordes
  • Natalie Coughlin
  • Abraham DeVine
  • Ian Finnerty
  • Bethay Galat
  • Sarah Gibson
  • Zane Grothe
  • Zach Harting
  • Siobahn Haughey
  • Tristan Hollard
  • Madison Kennedy
  • Katie Ledecky
  • Jay Litherland
  • Cody Miller
  • Leiston Pickett
  • Gabriel Santos
  • Jeremy Stravius
  • Giles Smith
  • Brianna Throssell
  • Sion Whittaker
  • Andeas Vazaois

Energy Standard:

  • Simonas Bilis
  • Danas Rapšys
  • Charlotte Bonnet
  • Mykhailo (Misha) Romanchuk
  • Anton Chupkov
  • Evgeny Rylov
  • Imogen Clark
  • Kayla Sanchez
  • Georgia Davies
  • Emily Seebohm
  • Femke Heemskerk
  • Sergii Shevtsov
  • Chad le Clos
  • Anastasiya Shkurdai
  • Fantine Lesaffre
  • Ilya Shymanovich
  • Max Litchfield
  • Sarah Sjöström
  • Florent Manaudou
  • Kierra Smith
  • Andrei Minakov
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Penny Oleksiak
  • Maxim Stupin
  • Ben Proud

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2 years ago

London Roar is one stacked team

2 years ago

Natalie Coughlin!!

2 years ago

Natalie Coughlin competing?

Reply to  Jeff
2 years ago

yes indeed , she apparently never stopped swimming at all

2 years ago

Natalie Coughlin?!?!?!? How exciting!

2 years ago

Heck yes, Coughlin!!!!

2 years ago

Well that’s a major plot twist

Ol’ Gator
Reply to  Nswim
2 years ago

And now it’s Phelps’ turn 😉 sorry that joke is probably old

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
2 years ago

Biesel comes outta retirement?

Reply to  Ervin
2 years ago

Beisel wouldn’t surprise me. From social media, it looks like she hops in the pool every now and then. I would love to see her come back!

Reply to  dmswim
2 years ago

According to some Bluefish swimmers I’ve met, she’s joined some of their practices recently in addition to Florida

Reply to  Nswim
2 years ago

Saw Tyler Clary swimming in Charlotte in November 👀

2 years ago

Hope Aaron Peirsol and others decide to join in on the fun

2 years ago

Cali Condors FULL Roster

Ariarne Titmus
Shayna Jack
Hali Flickinger
Olivia Smoliga
Lily King
Mallory Comerford
Kelsey Wog
Kelsi Dahlia
Kylie Masse
Natalie Hinds
Melanie Margalis
Molly Hannis

Mitch Larkin
Jack Cartwright
Townley Haas
Anton Ipsen
Radoslaw Kawecki
Andrew Wilson
Jan Switkowski
Kacper Majchrzak
Bowen Becker
John Shebat
Justin Ress
Mark Szaranek
Nic Fink

Reply to  Seans
2 years ago

That’s the winning team right there….stacked on the womens side.

Reply to  Ervin
2 years ago

Yes, the women’s side is very good
I feel that the LA Current is going to have the best US men’s team – potentially Dressel, Murphy. etc;

Ol’ Gator
Reply to  Seans
2 years ago

Do they score men and women together or separate

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