LEN Announces That 2015 European SC Championships Will Be Richest Ever

The 18th edition of the LEN European Short Course Championships will be taking place at the Wingate Institute in Netanya, Israel, with more than 600 athletes from 48 countries set to participate.  Tickets for the December 2nd-6th event went on sale in October, and just last week, LEN representatives made their final site visit to the Wingate Institute to ensure that the facilities meet all of the competition requirements.

As the 2015 LEN European Short Course Championships draw nearer, the LEN has just announced that the event’s biggest prize purse will be at stake. According to the LEN’s Facebook statement, a total of € 500,000 ($538,000) is up for grabs among the top 12 male and female athletes based on FINA points, to be distributed as follows:

1st € 20.000
2nd € 18.000
3rd € 15.000
4th € 12.000
5th € 10.000
6th € 8.000
7th € 7.000
8th € 6.000
9th € 5.000
10th € 4.000
11th € 3.000
12th € 2.000

Additionally, together the LEN and the Israeli Swimming Federation will offer all federations a travel subsidy to the tune of  € 500, 400 or 300 per athlete, depending on the distance from their country to Israel. The funds are to be allocated to each Federation based on the global entry of the 2013 SCS Championships (650 athletes), provided the Federations use the official accommodation.

For the first time in the history of the European Championships, the meet will span 5 days.  Heats are scheduled to begin at 9:30am local time, with semis/finals scheduled for 5:30pm local time.

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8 years ago

It’s a shame they use such a simplistic and flawed metric like FINA points to score swims when much better alternatives (such as International Points: https://www.swimnews.com/ipspoints) exist).

8 years ago

Manadou is going to have a huge pay day and Katinka will make over 100k

Reply to  Uberfan
8 years ago

That’s not the system. The system is that whoever puts up the best result in regards to FINA points gets €20k. Second best gets $18k etc. Only one performance per athlete.

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