LeBron James Gives Post-Dunk Nod To Michael Phelps

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January 09th, 2017 Lifestyle, Video

23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps keeps on loving life post-retirement, as evidenced by many recent stints in the limelight around the world. Most recently, he and wife Nicole Phelps ventured to Talking Stick Resort Arena in their home state of Arizona to take in an NBA game. Home team Phoenix Suns hosted the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers, club of the legendary king himself, LeBron James.

Sans son Boomer, the GOAT and Nicole appeared as royalty on the sidelines, complete with an acknowledgement from James post-dunk. Seen in the video provided by ESPN, James pointed to Phelps after taking it to the basket, a paradoxical moment where one icon tips his hat to another.

Of the game, Phelps told ESPN reporters afterward, “It’s just funny. I was just talking to people who were sitting around us and they were like, ‘Did he just point at you or is he pointing at me?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t really know.’ And then he drills a 3. It was awesome. Being able to come watch these guys play is always a treat and they gave us so much love over in The [Olympic] Games and being able to just come and see them when they’re here in Phoenix is, like I said, a true treat to come and watch.”

James said of the nod to Phelps, “Just recognizing greatness, that’s all that’s about.”

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Two of my favorite athletes


Nicole drinking like a fish in front of him too


I thought the same thing lmao


Drinking like a fish? She took a sip of beer. She’s an adult and is free to do so on a night out with her husband.


I hope MP never drinks again. But Nicole drinking really is not good. That opens the door for Michael to drink again. Alcoholics are very manipulative and Nicole drinking even one beer is enough ammo to justify going into to full fledged alcoholic mode again. He could go to the store, buy a 6 pack one day and say hey I’m just going to relax, I’m ready, I’m just having a couple, I’m ready. But Michael you can’t do this, you have 2 dui’s…I’m not driving and I’m not even getting drunk. Next thing you know he is getting hammered drunk 2 weeks later. Alcoholism is a disease. I always thought that was bs until I experienced it first hand.… Read more »

USMS Open Water Swimmer

I disagree with you Xenon somewhat but appreciate your concern. I have been sober for twelve years. My wife drinks rarely at home and maybe every few months while we are dining out. I’ve always felt that alcohol is my problem not hers. Why should she (or Nicole) abstain because I (or Michael) have a problem with alcohol? But again, we don’t know how much Nicole drinks at home or keeps in the house. We rarely keep alcohol in our house thus the temptation is minimal.

USMS Open Water Swimmer

After re-reading what I wrote above, I didn’t get across also that love is everything. My wife and family loves me and supports me. Prayerfully, Michael has a great support system in place with Nicole, Boomer and other family and friends. I think that he does by seeing how happy and peaceful he appears.


U leave them folks alone with your ” this is not good ” Parental distortion will ya …..


Unless you know what his rehab entailed and what went on his life as far as cause and effect, you can’t make blanket statements like this.


Huh? Nose in the air much?


How awesome is it to have our Swimming Superhero recognized by one of the greatest Basketball players of all-time and called the GOAT by the mainstream sports commentators?! I never thought I’d live to see the day… 🙂

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