Kenderesi on Arrest: ‘I Completely Reject the Accusation of Sexual Harassment’

Early Sunday morning, Hungarian Olympian Tamas Kenderesi was arrested on allegations of sexual harassment in Gwangju, South Korea. The events in question occurred at a nightclub; a source told SwimSwam Kenderesi was at nightclub Coyote Ugly when it collapsed early Saturday morning.

Kenderesi was released back to the Athletes’ Village after questioning Sunday but reportedly has to remain in South Korea for 10 days while the investigation continues.

The 22-year-old explained his side of the situation in a statement released by the Hungarian Swimming Federation Sunday evening. This article originally had a statement translated from Hungarian, but the federation has since provided a version in English to ensure proper translation:

“Saturday night, in a club, upon coming back from the toilets and heading towards the dancing floor I touched a Korean girl’s buttocks who was working as a dancer in this club. I did not even stop behind her, I took only a single, perhaps onthoughtful move which eventually seriously angered this girl who filed a complaint against me.

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, I was absolutely cooperative throughout the entire process.
At the police station I was told that they possess the footage of the security cameras in place though they did not show me any part of that. Based on that possible evidence, I honestly believe that my words shall be justified by the footage that I did not commit any serious offence. However, I have to understand that I hurt certain moral norms which are the foundations of the local values.
I deeply regret what happened and I wish to beg the Korean girl’s pardon in case I offended her, but I have to strongly deny that I’m guilty in any kind of sexual harassment.”

The Federation added that is it doing its best to “undoubtedly clarify” the allegations against Kenderesi.

“During the investigation phase, the Hungarian national team member is entitled to a presumption of innocence, but if officially proven guilty, MÜSZ will ask the alliance’s disciplinary committee to take further action,” the Federation said.

It added: “The Hungarian Swim Federation condemns any act that violates human dignity, and always requires members of the Hungarian Swim Team to behave in a manner that is respectful of national colors and sports traditions. Violators of these principles may face penalties commensurate with the gravity of the offense committed.”

Kenderesi was the bronze medalist in the 200 fly in Rio three years ago. He took eighth in the final of the event last week at Worlds after he, along with Antani Ivanovwere involved in an unsual swim-off to make the race; it was Kenderesi’s only event at these championships.

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3 years ago

That’s an unfortunate mistranslation.

He seems to be saying he accidentally brushed against her?

Hope the security video can bring the truth to light

Damn autocorrect
3 years ago

Clearly a case of a tainted supplement

3 years ago

maybe the CCTV camera footage made him do it?

3 years ago

Where’s the hammer in this one? lol

When you travel to a different country, you have to follow the rules and culture of that country… any country… maybe he gets away with that behaviour back home when he goes to nightclubs or maybe the old “I was drunk and the alcohol made me do it” excuse applies here…

Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Yet another translation I’ve read: “Thrust up against.”

3 years ago

We definitely need to wait for due process here. The mistranslation in the beginning made it seem that Kenderesi was blatantly admitting to sexual harassment, but it seems that this will be a he-said-she-said until evidence is reviewed. Hopefully his image is not tainted if he is truly innocent, but if it’s true then let him be prosecuted

Reply to  Polo
3 years ago

Like this article said, there is apparently security footage. But it’s possible we’ll never see that footage go public.

3 years ago

Hope truthful witnesses or a video come forwards, because on one hand he may have been feeling her up and deserves punishment, or she could be racist/biased towards Eastern Europeans and when he bumped into her she made a scene, which for anyone who’s ever been to a club on 6th street or 2nd ave or anywhere, knows happens by default of being in a crowded place. A “he said she said” thing without evidence will and should get thrown out, hope there’s evidence.

Reply to  Ragnar
3 years ago

“…or she could be racist/biased towards Eastern Europeans”


Reply to  PsychoDad
3 years ago

Ragnar’s situation is plausible. We just don’t know at this point. Racism is worldwide. If you need proof just read some of the comments the Chinese have been on Aus swimmers social media and news articles.

Reply to  PsychoDad
3 years ago

Hungarians don’t like to be called eastern Europeans..

Reply to  Ragnar
3 years ago

Going with the good ole boys excuses “he said she said” “ just a brush”. “Happens in a crowded space” to try and explain away sexual harassment/assault

Reply to  Anonymous
3 years ago

Gotta say that while sexual harassment happens a lot, accidentally brushing someone happens more often. Let the investigation make a determination.

Reply to  Mike
3 years ago

That is your opinion which is not based on any facts

Eastern European
Reply to  Ragnar
3 years ago

Soo, they could tell that he looks Eastern European? 😉 He looks like any guy from any European country, maybe with the exception of Southern Europe where his looks might not be typical, but definitely not atypical.

3 years ago

Are you guys going to fix the comment section? 😑

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