Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Coach

Job Description:

Date posted: June 3, 2021

Location: 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA, USA

Head Swim and Dive Coach

Summary: The Head men’s and women’s Swimming and Diving coach is responsible for establishing an effective team program where student-athletes have a positive intercollegiate experience. They must demonstrate exceptional administrative and technical coaching skills and provide a holistic developmental emphasis within their program.  The head coach is fully committed to the mission and goals of Biola University – to train these student leaders to impact the world for Christ. The head coach will comply with all NCAA Division II legislative requirements, as well as applicable PacWest and PCSC Conference rules and regulations.


·       Develop the team to reflect Biola’s mission, and submits and meets annual goals related student-athlete well-being, community engagement, NCAA compliance, academic and competitive success, and other Athletics Department objectives.

·       Develop a Christian spiritual focus consistent to promote individual student-athlete and team spiritual growth.

·       Demonstrates spiritual leadership, administrative excellence, and ability to coach elite college student-athletes with success.

·       Demonstrates behavioral competencies in areas such as, but not limited to, professionalism, communication, inclusivity, and respect for others.

·       Involvement in Athletics Department activities that support the spiritual growth of all student-athletes.

·       Support current student-athletes towards academic success and graduation.

·       Encourage the student body to enthusiastically embrace and support the team and its activities.

·       Proficient use of Biola’s ARMS compliance software (ARMS) including the timely, accurate, and complete submission of all necessary forms.

·       Recruiting:

o   Work closely with the Admissions Department for recruitment of all prospective student-athletes (PSAs).

o   Ensure all recruiting activities are appropriately tracked in ARMS.

o   Follow institutional procedures regarding travel, purchases, and submission of receipts.

o   Know and follow all NCAA Division II legislation for recruiting visits, PSA evaluations, communication with PSAs, and recruiting periods.

o   Target recruitment efforts to result in effective signings of PSAs who are institutionally compatible in Christian faith, academic expectations, committed to graduation and enhancing the Biola identity.

o   Facilitate the provision of all information necessary to determine a PSA’s initial eligibility through the NCAA Eligibility Center.

o   Ensure that all assistant coaches in the program are in compliance with all institutional, NCAA Division II, and PacWest conference rules and regulations regarding recruiting.

·       Builds a collegial environment in decision-making and administrative effectiveness throughout the university campus and within the Athletics Department.

·       Perform all PacWest Conference and NCAA Division II documentation and is responsible for staff compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.

·       Oversee operational budget according to set guidelines by sport and submit to the associate athletic director for internal operations.

·       Prepare competition schedule on time and submit to the assistant athletic director for communications and game management, head athletic trainer, and assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA. 

·       Notify the assistant athletic director for communications and game management, head athletic trainer, and assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA of any roster and schedule changes via ARMS.

·       Organize and conduct collegiate level practice sessions.

·       Work with the athletic department administrative assistant under the supervision of the associate athletic director for internal operations to schedule and book transportation and lodging for all travel needs according to institutional policies.

·       Complete all appropriate forms in ARMS to recommend athletic aid for student-athletes when appropriate.

·       Recommend student-athletes to be honored with awards according to policies established by the Conference and National Offices.

·       Provides assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA with a team roster and all persons who may be in official party when traveling via ARMS 48 hours prior to all off-campus travel.

·       Notify the executive assistant to the director of athletics, assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA and head athletic trainer of any changes to practice schedule as soon as the changes are made by keeping the team calendar in ARMS up-to-date and provide electronic notification as applicable.

·       Inform all team members of specific eligibility regulations and counsel team members with regard to their responsibility to maintain eligibility.  The coach should be alert to potential problems and will receive grade checks from faculty via the Biola Insight system.

·       Submit requests and process the proper forms for the following items according to current procedure policies:

o   Purchases of equipment and supplies approved in the budget

o   Transportation

o   Credit card receipts

o   Entry fees

o   Lodging

o   Recruiting expenses

·       Keep laundry attendant informed of desired procedures and time schedules in writing.

·       Works with laundry attendant and assistant athletic director for facility operations with regard to inventory, issuance, and maintenance of equipment and uniforms.

·       Personally accept responsibility whenever a special (approved by director of athletics) practice is called on weekends, at night, during vacation period, or any other time when the laundry attendant is not on duty; to see that all buildings and equipment used are locked and/or checked by himself/herself personally so as not to confuse or upset the normal procedures used by the persons usually in charge.

·       Keeps the supplies and equipment for that particular sport in full repair and secure. This task includes supervising and coordinating the prudent and safe use of these items during the season and storage during the remainder of the year.

·       Prepare requisitions (according to prescribed procedures in “business operations” section) for equipment or special projects approved in the budget for their sport.  Responsible for follow-up until proper delivery and/or installation is completed.

·       Coordinate hiring of support personnel (assistant coaches, managers, etc.) with the associate athletic director for internal operations as approved in the current budget.  Clearance should be obtained at the beginning of the summer from the director of athletics as to the number, names, and duties of the persons to be hired for the following year. 

·       Accept full responsibility for student-athletes’ conduct and appearance during home or away events and while on trips.

·       Give careful attention to the planning of transportation for a team in order to arrive at a contest with maximum safety and comfort and minimal class interference per Athletics Operations and Compliance Manual policy.

·       Work with assistant athletic director for communications and game management in regard to team pictures and website information.

·       Actively work toward influencing the student-athlete’s conduct, public image, and spirit of cooperativeness in accord with the university objectives.  If university regulations have been violated, the coach MUST inform the director of athletics and disciplinary measures will be taken in consultation with the dean of students.

·       Attend all coach’s meetings, participates in conference coaches committee, and turns in national, regional and conference information requests and ballots.  This task also involves keeping the director of athletics informed of current trends and/or legislation that may affect their particular sport.

·       Attend all divisional and department meetings, as well as monthly meetings with the director of athletics or the associate athletic director for internal operations.

·       Review NCAA rules with student-athletes when appropriate and continually reinforce the importance of compliance.

·       Facilitate the provision of all information necessary to determine prospective student-athlete eligibility.

·       Provide complete and accurate expense reports; performs receipt scanning and credit card coding on time each month.

·       Declare playing and practice seasons and submit them in ARMS to the assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA for review and approval at appropriate deadlines.

·       Ensure the team’s compliance with NCAA rules related to playing and practice seasons including monthly athletically related activity (CARA) logs submitted through ARMS.

·       Monitor the scheduling process, verifying that the schedule meets NCAA sport sponsorship requirements, conference scheduling requirements, and missed class time policies.

·       In conjunction with the assistant athletic director for compliance/SWA, educate student-athletes regarding NCAA regulations governing employment.

·       Annually pass the NCAA Coach’s Certification Exam.

·       Follow the established process for renewal and non-renewal of athletically related financial aid.

·       Annually declare and receive approval from the director of athletics and/or university president for athletically related income.

·       Follow Athletic Department equipment and apparel policies and procedures as described in the Operations and Compliance Manual.

·       Ensure camp/clinic procedures are followed.

·       Ensure all coaching staff maintain current certification in First Aid, CPR and AED.

·       Develop a community engagement plan, submit Community Engagement request forms via ARMS for approval, and work with student-athletes on community engagement activities.

·       Self-report any suspected NCAA violations and annually certify self-reporting on the Certification of Compliance Form.

·       Annually submit team rules to direct supervisor if there is any variance from established department-wide team rules in the Athletics Operations and Compliance Manual.

·       Performs additional duties as assigned.


Reports To: Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations

How to Apply

Apply online at: https://biola.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/1/home/requisition/1606?c=biola

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