Head Coach: Walnut Country Swim Team

Job Description:

Date posted: August 23, 2022

Location: 4498 Lawson Court, Concord, CA, USA

Walnut Country Swim Team:  Head Coach

The Walnut Country Swim Team (Stingrays) is currently seeking to hire a new Head Coach for the 2023 Summer Recreational Swim Season and preseason. All interested applicants should apply via email to [email protected] and [email protected]. Please include an up-to-date resume and a brief biography about you and your experience in the swim world. See below for further information. Thank you for your interest and Go Stingrays.


Position Overview

The Head Coach will be responsible for running daily swim operations of the WCST Program (Spring Clinic, Summer Season and Fall Clinic).  The position requires that the head coach coordinate and supervise assistant coaches, swimmer coaches and daily workouts.

The Head Coach will report directly to the WCST Board of Directors (BOD) for all personnel or employment matters and BOD will indirectly manage the Head Coach while performing the job duties.  The Head Coach will meet with the BOD on a regular schedule to review day to day activities relating to CHOA Facilities and/or WCST issues and/or concerns.  The schedule will be set the WCST BOD.

Job Expectations and Requirements

  • Provide consistent and constructive coaching to all level of swimmers within WCST.
  • Attend all WCST scheduled practices. Prior to any absence, a written request must be made to the WCST Director to gain approval.
  • Supervise daily swim operations of the WCST Program. This includes Spring Clinic, Summer Season and Fall Clinic.  These programs shall take place at the WCST designated pool.
  • Outline and publish each week’s practice schedule in advance of practice. This document will be delivered to parents before the start of practice on each Monday.  The document will be delivered by email to parents.
  • Promptly advise the WCST President and Vice President through email of any problems which may need the attention of the WCST BOD.
  • Supervise and schedule assistant and swimmer coaches. All schedules will be submitted to the WCST Director and Treasurer on the 15th and last day of the month.  Each schedule will include the details for the following pay period (see example).  Any changes to previously submitted schedules shall be re-submitted to the WCST Director and Treasurer before the end of the affected pay period.
  • Attend scheduled meetings with the WCST BOD upon request.
  • Provide input into season scheduling upon request.
  • Offer technique development “mini-lessons” in accordance with the approved CHOA schedule for current WCST swimmers.
  • Set swimmer and event entries for all meets for WCST.
  • Attend and provide coaching at all swim meets where WCST swimmers are participating. This includes warm up, scheduled races, finals, awards ceremonies and any other event that a WCST swimmer attends in relation to a meet.  Prior to any absence, a written request must be made to the WCST BOD to gain approval.
  • Actively participate and support all fundraising and team building events. This includes but is not limited to Chili Cook Off, Lap-a-thon, Dine & Donate, Summer Age Group Events, and recruitment events.
  • Act as a professional and spirited role model for the team. This includes wearing team approved shirts to all swim meets.  Maintaining a professional and supportive attitude at all team events and meets.
  • Respond to all communication from WCST parents and WCST Committee within 24 hours. If a resolution cannot be provided within this time frame, then a response will be provided to the communication clearly identifying a resolution date.  All resolutions must be completed within 5 days from the date of the original communication.
  • Work collaboratively and respectfully with all WCST Stake holders including swimmers, parents, and BOD.
  • Ensure all swimmers are encouraged or “Coached Up” before each race. This should take place during the staging for the swimmer’s race.  If more than one WCST swimmer is in the race, then engage an assistant or swimmer coach to complete this task.
  • Work with and mentor assistant coaches on developing their coaching skills. This includes review of proper stroke/turn technique, design of a training regimen, and use of positive coaching methods.
  • Determine and enter in to the Hy-Tech Meet Manager program all swimmer and event entries for all meets.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Maintain emergency water safety and lifeguard certifications
  • Ability to motivate young athletes in a positive manner
  • Understanding of USA Swimming Rules and Diablo Community Swim League (DCSL) rules
  • Exceptional organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent writing, listening and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to make clear recommendations and decisions
  • Proficiency in the use of the Hy-Tek Meet Manager program
  • Ability to act as a positive and professional role model



Travel and Weekend Requirements

Local travel is required for scheduled swim meets.  This includes Wednesday evenings and most weekends during the summer swim season.

How to Apply

All interested applicants should apply via email to [email protected] and [email protected].

please include an up to date resume.

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