Glenbrook Aquatics Full Time Head Developmental Coach

Job Description:


This is a full time position for our developmental groups. This person will assume a shared role of leadership with the Head Coach, Head Age Group Coach and the Head Senior Coach. Their focus will be on creating and implementing a program designed to introduce and properly instruct the basic principles of competitive swimming to the introductory groups of our program.


-Oversee all aspects of the Gator Group program. This includes all planning, designing and implementing practices, dry land and meets for the Pre-Gator, Junior Gator & Mighty Gator groups -Hiring, training, educating and supervising of all assistant staff for the Gator groups

-Create and design all parent informational materials and effectively help to educate the parents early in the sport

-Work closely with the Swim America program directors to ensure a smooth transition for swimmers coming out of lessons and the transition onto the team

-Design, organize and oversee team tryouts

-Work in partnership with the Head Coach (Age Group Coach) and the Head Senior Coach to ensure a true progression in the development of our swimmers.

-Share the leadership of the program and contribute to the direction the team grows


-Oversee and manage all aspects of the Water Polo programing for Glenbrook Aquatics

-Initiate and develop a Special Olympics aquatics program for the Glenbrook Aquatics community

-Maintain and improve our swimmer achievement program for the betterment of our swimmers

How to Apply

Submit a letter of interest and a resume to Head Coach Kelly Brown at: [email protected]

Contact Information

Kelly Brown - Head Coach

2300 Shermer Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062

phone: 847-509-2568

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