Aquatics Director – Western Academy of Beijing

Job Description:

Location: Beijing, China

WAB is a leading international IB curriculum school with an enrollment of 1350 students aged 3-18. The student body includes over 50 nationalities and the teaching faculty 22 nationalities.

Role Description / Working Relationships

The Aquatics Director is responsible to the Athletics and Activities Director for overseeing the WAB aquatics activity programs.

The Aquatics Director will manage the daily operations of the pool and ensure a safe, healthy, stimulating and attractive aquatic environment for all WAB programs. He or she will be responsible for the pool as a facility and resource for the school.

Actively promote and provide leadership and support for all PE aquatics programs and ASA activities. The Aquatics Director will be directly responsible for the TigerSharks Swim Team.

The Aquatics Director will regularly schedule professional training sessions for aquatics staff to ensure staff qualifications remain current and that staff members remain proficient in carrying out their responsibilities.

The Aquatics Director will need to work closely with the Properties Department, Principals, WABX Department, PE Departments, and Aquatics Staff.

The Aquatics Director is expected to liaise with and support the PE Departments, through the relevant HOD. The Aquatics Director is expected to attend relevant collaborative planning and scheduling sessions.

Where scheduling permits, the Aquatics Director should be present for all TigerSharks training sessions, and for a number of PE Curriculum lessons as appropriate and necessary.

The WAB Aquatics Director is responsible for:
1. ensuring effective communication and liaison is maintained with the following as required;
• WABX Department
• Principals
• PE Departments
• Properties Department
• Aquatics Staff
• Coaches
• Faculty
• Students
• Parents
• Other community groups utilizing the pool
2. provision of leadership for aquatics programs, including development, evaluation and implementation of programs.
3. in conjunction with HOD’s, provide leadership and support for the provision of the PE aquatics curriculum.
4. leadership of the swimming excellence program (WAB TigerSharks swim team).
5. ensuring coordination across the school’s curriculum, activity programs and community use.
6. schedule and monitor all activities taking place within the pool facility.
7. direction and scheduling of lifeguard/instructor coverage, training and certification.
8. training, scheduling, supervision, and evaluation of aquatics staff and volunteers.
9. ensuring that all Aquatics/PE teachers are kept up to date with their own professional development in line with the requirements to teach swimming and respond to emergencies and to disseminate information about professional development opportunities.
10. maintain records of staff qualifications and expiry dates of these qualifications.
10. updating, implementation and compliance of risk management policies and procedures for the pool facility.
11. ordering, maintenance and proper storage of aquatics equipment necessary for all programs (activities and curriculum)
12. stocking and distribution of WAB swim kit.
13. conducting regular facility audits, including chemical and temperature readings and submission of work orders.
14. promotion of aquatics activities, including overseeing and maintenance of aquatics blog page and the TigerSharks team pages.
15. maintenance, coordination, and vision for the swimming pool area as an instructional, recreational, and competition space and overall upkeep

1. Personal Skills and Abilities
• Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, students, parents and members of the wider school community
• Positive attitude and ability to communicate both orally and in written form
• Skills in teaching swimming and aquatics
• Empathy for second language acquisition
• Be willing to work as part of a team
2. Knowledge
• A sound understanding of contemporary teaching and learning theories and practice related to aquatics
• A strong knowledge of differentiation strategies
• An understanding of how students learn to swim
• Sound operational knowledge of Hy-tek swim software
• Successful recent experience as an aquatics teacher
• Experience in pool operation
• Experience as swim meet director
• Experience in staff supervision
Qualifications Preferred
• Degree in physical education, recreation, or related field.
• Qualified swim teacher status
• Qualified lifeguard certification status (Lifeguard Instructor preferred)
• Certified Pool Operators Certification  (CPO)
Physical Demands
• Must have the physical ability to perform all rescue and teaching techniques.

How to Apply

Further information and application should be made online at


Contact Information

Martin Halpin

10 LaiGuangYing DongLu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, China

phone: (86) 13910062454
fax: (8610) 84703971

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