Aquatics & Competitive Swim Director

Job Description:

Location: 126 North St, Waterville, ME, USA

The Alfond Youth Center in Waterville, Maine is looking for a dynamic motivated individual to oversee our Aquatics department and coach our competitive youth swim team.  This an exciting full-time, year round,  exempt level position.

Position Summary: Assures the effective and efficient operation of the Alfond Youth Center Aquatic Department facilities and programs, with a primary responsibility of serving as the Head Coach of the Mid Maine Dolphins club swimming team. Works with staff and volunteers to develop and maintain quality programs, standards, procedures, and facilities in accordance guidelines set by the YMCA of USA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and American Red Cross.  Duties include the development and management of programs, staffing, budgets, marketing, philanthropic initiatives and strategic operations.

*Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Design, deliver, and evaluate Aquatic programs that meets the needs and interests of each programs target population. Ensure their delivery in a safe and quality manner.
    1. Lead by example and direction, expressing the importance of YMCA & BGCA values, participant safety, and enthusiastic fulfillment of program objectives.
    2. Ensure that Local, State & Federal guidelines are followed for Aquatic Facilities and programs.
    3. Develop and implement crisis and risk management procedures.
    4. Design and ensure delivery of programs and activities appropriate to the target populations. Including, but not limited to: Competitive Swim (Dolphins, Masters), Swim Lessons, Water Fitness Classes, Open Pool times, & Pool Rentals (Schools, Birthdays, Groups).
    5. Remain current with information on the developmental needs of youth.
    6. Annually seek and analyze input from youth, families, and staff regarding the quality, safety, and enjoyment of the programs and staff.
    7. Work with Office Manager & Welcome Center Staff to create a customer focused registration process, and maintain an accurate database of participant records.
  2. Provide direct support and supervision for Aquatic staff and volunteers.
    1. Follow human resource management practices to recruit and retain seasonal staff and volunteers.
    2. Recruit staff based on camper enrollment and program management requirements.
    3. Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate seasonal and year-round staff and volunteers.
    4. Provide council, advice and daily supervision for all staff and volunteers.
  3. Serve as Head Coach of Dolphins Club Swim Program.
    1. Organize and conduct practice workouts that are developmentally appropriate, well organized, and build progression throughout the course of the season.
    2. Develop a team culture that is focused on Youth Development, which rewards effort and commitment, not just results.
    3. Assist swimmers in developing, evaluating, and achieving goals.
    4. Schedule, organize, and administer home and away meets, make sure all paperwork is completed in submitted on time.
    5. Stay current with developments in the field of competitive swimming.
    6. Work with Dolphin Parent Group to assist with organizational and administrative functions.
  4. Design and implement a marketing plan to increase enrollments in Aquatic programs.
    1. Prepare and analyze enrollment trends.
    2. Develop and implement recruitment and retention strategies.
    3. Ensure websites and social media accounts provide up to date, relevant program content.
    4. Promote Aquatic programs using a variety of marketing outlets.
    5. Maintains relationships with participating families, local school committees, school administrators, teachers and students to promote Aquatic programs.
  5. Oversee the financial management and fund development operations to allow for adequate annual funding and to meet long-term goals.
    1. Develop and monitor budget for the Aquatic operations.
    2. Work with Dolphin Parents Group to attain fundraising objectives to support Dolphin Swim participants.
    3. Develops, monitors, and negotiates contracts with service vendors required for the Aquatics Department.
    4. Assist the AYC Development Director as it relates to long-term fund raising strategies for the Aquatic program and facilities.
  6. Generate revenue to support Aquatic programs and operations through groups and facility rentals.
    1. Secure group and event rentals.
    2. Ensure rentals are adequately staffed and each group receives a quality experience.
  7. Coordinate and ensure maintenance and housekeeping needs are met for Aquatic Programs.
    1. Ensure regular maintenance & cleaning processes are in place and followed.
    2. Work with Operations Director to prioritize long terms facility needs.
  8. Abilities to observe participant and staff behavior, assess appropriateness enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, apply appropriate management techniques.
  9. Maintain required certifications necessary for coach’s position (i.e. USA and YMCA Swim requirements.
  10. Visual and auditory ability and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the activity.
  11. Physical ability to lead, direct, and participate in activities with youth and staff members.
  12. Understand, interpret, and articulate the mission of the Alfond Youth Center.

How to Apply

Applicants should email a resume and letter of interest to: Heather Breznyak, Human Resources Director, [email protected]

Contact Information

Heather Breznyak, Human Resources Director

Alfond Youth Center
126 North St
Waterville, ME 04901

phone: 207-873-0684
fax: 207-861-8016