Janet Evans – I Always Wanted An American To Get That Record Back – Video Interview

  13 Mitch Bowmile | August 11th, 2014 | National, News, Video

Katie Ledecky became the first woman to own the 400, 800, and 1500m freestyle records all at once since legendary distance swimmer Janet Evans held them, and Janet Evans flew into Irvine when she heard to congratulate Ledecky and address the media.

Janet Evans had only great things to say about Katie Ledecky and her journey in the realm of distance freestyle, adding that she was pleased the record was back in the hands of an American.

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Let’s go the complete package 200-400 and 800 like Debbie Meyer in 68 Mexico City.

Right now, Janet Evans is still the greatest female distance swimmer of all time, but when Ledecky wins 400-800 in Rio, she will take over the title from Evans.

I would have no problems with this idea if it were 2016. But to say Ledecky could become the greatest female distance swimmer based upon her performance in a single swim meet 2 years from now–and nothing she does before then makes any difference whatsoever–that seems like less than an ideal way to promote the sport.

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God, I love Janet Evans. Such class and so well spoken. I will never for get her triumphs in Seoul. Relatively tiny with an unorthodox stroke and yet she scorched her opponents. She never seems to be putting on an act – seems very genuine.


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