Janet Evans – I Always Wanted An American To Get That Record Back – Video Interview

Katie Ledecky became the first woman to own the 400, 800, and 1500m freestyle records all at once since legendary distance swimmer Janet Evans held them, and Janet Evans flew into Irvine when she heard to congratulate Ledecky and address the media.

Janet Evans had only great things to say about Katie Ledecky and her journey in the realm of distance freestyle, adding that she was pleased the record was back in the hands of an American.

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Thanks that was a very interesting look at the legendary and classy Janet Evans who in hindsight is able to allude to the possibility that perhaps Ledecky has some maturity or mental skills that she herself lacked at that age, that may have stalled her own progress after her initial teenaged record onslaught. It’s interesting because I remember Evans at that age, and my gut feeling is that it rings true, that in comparison Ledecky does seem to have some precocious skills in that way, which is why I’m so intrigued with her– she appears to have both the raw talent of Evans and the steely mindset of Phelps, the latter comparison being the subject of SwimSwam and other swimming… Read more »

Still, in my opinion Ledecky has a ways to go before she’s as dominant in the 800/1500. However there is a valid point about the “steely mindset.” When Ledecky set the WR she bared her teeth- I saw primal anger and energy. Not many female swimmers have that like she does (maybe Sjostrom).


Great insights, and I think they are spot on! I do feel Ledecky’s steely motivation to dominate swimming is similar to Phelps. She even sacrificed and deferred going to Stanford by two years to prepare for Rio.
While Franklin talent and competitiveness is also up there, she chooses to have more balance life.

Well, Missy chooses to have a more balanced life right now, but it’s my understanding that she intends to go pro after the coming NCAA season and put her focus on Rio. Not sure if she intends to take a year off school, too, but I would suspect so.

You are mistaken. Katie has not deferred anything in her life to train for Rio. Her balanced life will continue after this trifecta, just as it has since London. She will return home for her senior year of high school and will, no doubt, swim for her high school team once again. She has said that she is thinking about whether to defer attending Stanford for one year, until 2016. If she does defer that one year, I would guess that it will have more to do with maintaining her routine—the bed she sleeps in, the food she eats, the group trains with and the coach she trusts—9 months before Olympic Trials. I would also guess that she will find… Read more »
Mac McClelland

i predict Ledecky will also eventually take down the 200 record.

I assume Ledecky will be poised for an onslaught of press going into Rio. It was interesting to see the display of emotion after the 400…she is quite reserved otherwise in interviews. With the perpetually perky Miss you Franklin, who seems very comfortable in front of a camera, Katie will have to let that phenomenal talent in the pool speak for her.

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