Natalie Coughlin – Sometimes You Need That Extra Kick – Video Interview

  30 Mitch Bowmile | August 11th, 2014 | National, News, Video

Natalie Coughlin will be absent from a national team in what seems like forever after failing to qualify in both the 50 and 100m freestyle finals.

In the 100 freestyle she finished seventh in 54.52 missing a spot on the team by just 0.14 seconds as Abbey Weitzeil grabbed the last remaining spot with a fourth place finish in 54.38.

In the 50 freestyle, Coughlin was sixth in finals with a time of 24.97 matching her entry time exactly and bettering her prelim swim of 25.07 by one tenth of a second. The time that would’ve made the team in that race was a 24.81 by Madeline Locus, again a time that Coughlin was not far off of.

Coughlin praised her teammates and the young up-and-comers for their continued excellence this week and stated that sometimes you need that extra kick in order to swim faster.

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I would LOVE to see Natalie become a technical expert to work with Team USA athletes and help them improve their starts, turns and underwaters! Who could do that job better?! When the swimmers are together during a training camp like this would be the perfect time!

Correct -2009 WC Champs in Rome right after Beiijing Games she did not compete and did not qualify for US National team.
I think ppl we’re alluding to the shock of her actually competing in a National qualifying meet and actually not qualifying for a team….that is what seemed like ‘forever’.
Whatever her decision is, Natalie’s legacy in short course yards and the 12 Olympic, 20 World Championship and 16 US National Championship individual gold medals medals solidify her reputation as one of the most accomplished female swimmers in our sport.

Actually, this is not the first time Coughlin is absent from the national team in like “forever”.

She took 18 months sabbatical leave in 2008-2009, missing the 2009 national team.

And in fact, Coughlin’s leave was longer than Phelps’ “retirement”


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