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4-time Olympic medalist Simone Manuel turned pro after the 2018 NCAA Championships. The TYR Pro Swim Indy was her debut, and she launched her pro career by donating her winnings from the event to the ALS Foundation in honor of her great aunt.

Simone’s balancing school work and her new pro career, and she was honest about the challenges–something you don’t always hear from swimmers.  Pro swimming is a different lifestyle. It takes up more  time and energy than most athletes realize.  It’s clear, however, from the interview Simone’s sober about her future.

No word on what swimwear company she will sign with, but Simone is a brand-maker, or, if the brand is already established, she will impact their sales positively. Simone is a big-meet swimmer, winning when it counts the most. See more on this topic here. 

PREDICTIONS? Simone’s improved year over year since 2016. I’d like to see best times at U.S. Nationals and/or Pan Pacific Championships this summer:

  • 50m free – 23.79
  • 100m free – 51.99
  • 200m free – 1:56.1

I think that will be enough for Simone to sweep the 50-100m free at Pan Pacific Championships. What do you think?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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Years of Plain Suck

What a delightful interview. So much poise! The sponsors she chooses will be quite fortunate to have her as a spokeswoman for their products and services.

Question for Mel: Just out of curiosity, over the past five years, what percentage of your “Gold Medal Minute” interviews have you actually been present in person to ask your questions? (Not meant to be snarky, but more curious about your production methods.)


Did y’all watch her 200 free at Indy?? She back halfed it like a boss. When she has the speed at the end of the year she will be good. I could see her pop a 1:55 if she can hold it the last 50.




Why on earth would her 100 be slower if she PBs in the 50 and 200…

E Gamble

Simone’s 100 free won’t be slower. Simone just needs to get out faster. That back half is going to be on point this summer. Let’s go Simone. 😉


She had the luxury to swim off a nearby, superfast lane for that PB though, and her magnificent race head took over the last meters. Heck, if Sjostrom was getting that WR, Manuel probably would’ve won it anyway lol. That’s just how she defied logic in Rio and Budapest, going much faster than she had ever done before. Anyway, she will most likely have to set the pace herself this summer so to PB would be impressive on its own, let alone improving it by another three tenths. This summer there will be no underdog thing going on, so that’s one major difference. Now she’s the one to beat. For info Manuel’s second best 100 free time is as much… Read more »

science geek

If she goes out faster she may not be able to ride the wave home like in her gold medal swims. I think she paces her race perfectly, no need to change strategy.


23.9 is what she was last year
1.56.0 is what, in my opinion, she has been capable of for a few years. Het 100fr has dropped considerably from nationals (where she swum 1.57s) to worlds (where she didnt swim 200s).

– In other words – I expect her to be about the same across the board. 2018 is a ‘down’ year – No worlds, no Olympics. Times are traditionally down too.

23.9 (on her PB of 23.97)/52.3 (0.03 down on het PB for perspective…)/1.56 (something she has been capable of for a while)… hardly as radical as you seem to imagine.


You can’t claim that she has been “capable for a while” just to make your argument work…if she was capable of going 1:56.0, she would have been a relay leg in Budapest, ahead of two swimmer thatbwere 1:57 flat or higher…


Exactly @PVDH


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