Hardcore Swimmer of the Month: Caeleb Dressel

Hardcore Swimmer of the Month is a recurring SwimSwam feature shedding light on a U.S.-based swimmer or water polo player who has proven themselves truly hardcore over the past month. As with any item of recognition, Hardcore Swimmer of the Month is a subjective exercise meant to highlight one athlete whose work holds noteworthy context – perhaps a swimmer who was visibly outperforming other swimmers over the month, or one whose accomplishments slipped through the cracks among other high-profile swims. If your favorite athlete wasn’t selected, feel free to respectfully recognize them in our comment section.

Could there really be any other selection?

There was no swimmer in the world more on-fire over the past week than Caeleb DresselWe’ve already gone over as many of his superlatives as we possibly could. He’s tied Michael Phelps for the most golds at a single World Championships (though Phelps did so without the luxury of two mixed relays). He dropped incredible time from U.S. Nationals to Worlds, and he put up mind-numbingly consistent swims through heats, semifinals and finals of his individual events, the 50 free, 100 free and 100 fly (His 50 fly final was the one hiccup, which was still very near a best time). You can read more about all that in our story on his FINA Male Swimmer of the Meet award here.

In this case, perhaps the most impressive thing to say is nothing at all, instead letting his swims speak for themselves. So, without further ado, here’s a look at each of Dressel’s World Championship swims chronologically:

Swim # Day Event Phase Time/Split Place Other
1 1 50 fly Heats 22.97 Q-2nd
2 1 50 fly Semifinal 22.76 Q-1st American record
3 1 4×100 free relay Final 47.26 Gold American record
4 2 50 fly Final 22.89 4th 2nd-fastest swim in American history
5 4 100 free Heats 48.26 Q-3rd
6 4 100 free Semifinal 47.66 Q-2nd At the time, 6th-fastest swim in American history
7 4 Mixed 4×100 medley relay Final fly – 49.92r Gold World relay record, 2nd-fastest fly split in history
8 5 100 free Final 47.17 Gold American record
9 6 50 free Heats 21.61 Q-2nd
10 6 100 fly Heats 50.08 Q-1st Textile world record, 3rd-fastest all-time
11 6 50 free Semifinal 21.29 Q-1st American record
12 6 100 fly Semifinal 50.07 Q-1st Textile world record, 3rd-fastest all-time
13 7 50 free Final 21.15 Gold American record, 3rd-fastest all-time
14 7 100 fly Final 49.86 Gold Textile world record, 2nd-fastest all-time
15 7 Mixed 4×100 free relay Final 47.22 Gold World relay record, 2nd-fastest 100 free all-time
16 8 4×100 medley relay Final fly – 49.76r Gold Textile world relay record, 2nd-fastest fly split in history

Oh, and to top it off, since this is Swimmer of the Month, the month of July also includes the final day of U.S. Nationals in which Dressel went 21.75 and then 21.53 to win the national 50 free title.


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I want a playlist of Caleb’s swims on each event starting from nationals to finals at Budapest. The playlist will be used as a pick me up in sad moods, to get me pumped for work, for relaxation, and most importantly to remind me that all those swims actually happened.

bobo gigi

Dressel’s year

NCAA championships
Men’s 50 free final
Men’s 100 fly final
Men’s 100 free final

US nationals
Men’s 100 free final
Men’s 200 free final
Men’s 50 fly final
Men’s 100 fly final
Men’s 50 free final

World championships
Men’s 4X100 free relay final
Men’s 50 fly final
Men’s 100 free final
Mixed 4X100 free relay final
Men’s 50 free final
Men’s 100 fly final
Mixed 4X100 medley relay final
Men’s 4X100 medley relay final


Great Job BOBO . 5 Stars

Big Calves

Watched his 100 yard fly record and he didn’t have his normal monster start.


IT also shows his inexperience with the event especially Compared to schooling. 2nd and 3rd turn were horrible


Changed days for Bobo , used to be 34 dislikes and 1 like. Glad to see you’re being appreciated Bobo ?


Much of the old cranky guard seems to have either left or mellowed out

bobo gigi

Once again, I don’t care at all about these stupid votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m not here to be popular! 😆
And I prefer being right and having 200 downvotes rather than the opposite.
However thanks for the nice comments. 🙂 I just try to give the most I can my little contribution to that great swimming news website.

bobo gigi

to make the most I can my little contribution
or to contribute the best I can to that great swimming news website.
I always try to improve my English….


u are doing much better in english – thats very clear .


Best gift ? ever! Thanks ? Bobo.


Impressive looking at that list, the consistency is striking. So happy for Team Dressel, its been fun watching him since his breakout meet at 2013 US nationals, Thanks for the great swims Caeleb.


Is the mixed relay comment necessary? No definitely not the feat is still impressive either way and he still won 7 gold medals either way


I think it’s mentioned because people want to quickly compare to Phelps, so an important distinction. I personally don’t think there is any need to compare, different swimmers and early days for Dressel.

bobo gigi

Necessary comment. Because some idiot people and some idiot media make the idiot comparison. MP won 5 individual golds (200 free/200 fly/200 IM/100 fly/400 IM) and 2 normal relay golds (4X100 free/4X200 free) in Melbourne. And if Crocker had used his brain in the 4X100 medley relay prelims it would have been 8. CB “only” 3 individual golds, 2 normal relays and 2 stupid relays. Much easier now to win 7 or 8 golds. Unfair. These adds of useless mixed relays make that we can’t compare to the past anymore. But I say the same about people who compare to the period when there had worlds only every 4 years before until 1998. Having said that, Dressel’s week remains amazing,… Read more »


they should offer brownies at the end of the relays ?

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