Argentine Martin Naidich Tests Positive In Budapest


The 2017 FINA World Championships have concluded in Budapest, but not before at least one athlete has tested positive for a banned substance. 26-year-old Martin Naidich of Argentina tested positive during an in-competition test in Budapest, resulting in the Argentine Confederation of Aquatic Sports (CADDA) withdrawing the athlete from further competition there.

Naidich had already competed in the 400m and 800m freestyle events where he finished 35th and 26th, respectively, but CADDA withdrew the 2016 Olympian before the 1500m freestyle events kicked off. According to Argentina newspaper La Nación, CADDA has informed the country’s anti-doping body (ONAD) of Naidich’s failed test. FINA has yet to officially confirm the case.

Naidich took to Twitter to express his surprise and distress with the situation.

“I’m waiting from an official communication from the association to get further details about my situation. I was surprised that this time the result was not like it always was,” he said. “I am distressed by all this but reassured that I have never consciously taken a forbidden substance.”


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3 years ago

The situation is not clear, CADDA and the swimmer both manifest they knew about the potential positive test by a tweet from La Gazzeta dello Sport and were never notified by FINA or any other agency/organization. Some reports say the test is not from Budapest but a bit older. Doped or not, FINA keeps being a biiiig mess regarding this issues.

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