Green Bay Phoenix Men Make the Best “Sorority” Recruitment Video Ever

Upbeat music? Slow montages of beautiful moments of fun? Casual sports? Leisurely days spent on floaties in pools? That thing where they sit next to each other on a cliff and hold a banner up behind them?

Yep, the Green Bay men’s swim team pretty much nailed it.

If you don’t spend much time on the internet, this video might not make much sense to you, but everyone’s least-favorite/favorite guilty-pleasure are the heavily-filtered, professionally-produced sorority recruitment videos that peaked some time around or shortly-after this Texas A&M Alpha Delta Pi video in 2016.

The videos are often swimming-adjacent as is, with sorority members commonly including scenes in pools, and more commonly including scenes shot in natural bodies of water with stunning cliffs and beautiful scenery. Whether they admit it or not, everyone who watches those videos secretly want to be a part of those groups – or at least the vision of them filtered through their high-end video production companies that make the final cut.

An investigation by Elle Magazine found that one University of Miami video cost between $200,000 and $400,000 to produce. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Michael Klemm produced his video on a significantly-smaller budget than that, but in our eyes, its still special in its own way.

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mike in dallas
2 years ago

Well, there is fun, and then there is Fun, and finally there is FUN!
I think these guys are definitely have FUN!!!

2 years ago

It’s sexist…it plays on stereotypes…they are having fun, but it is in poor taste. This kind of video can come back to haunt a program.

Reply to  Cme
2 years ago

Is it sexist? Or is it sororityist? Not everything is sexist. They are making fun of sorority recruitment videos, not women in general. 99.999(99?)% of American women have never made a video like this in their lives. That’s a pretty small subset of women being parodied to call it ‘sexist.’

If you are offended by it because you were in a sorority – fine. But you don’t have to generalize your offense to make everyone feel like they should be offended by it. Not everything fun is offensive.

He said What?
Reply to  SwimObserver
2 years ago

How on earth can anyone take offense to this? It is hysterical and pokes so much fun at the portrayal of HAVING fun that it becomes FUN. You find yourself wanting to be there and having a really good time without making fun of anyone or anything. Those boys nailed it. Well done!

Swim Fan
Reply to  Cme
2 years ago

As a former sorority member and D-1 swimmer, no offense taken. It’s hilarious. It’s a parody, it pokes fun in an entirely appropriate way. I laughed out loud.

Just Sayin
2 years ago

That killed me

Just Sayin
Reply to  Just Sayin
2 years ago

With laughter