Getting Mentally Prepared for Championship Meets

Championship Meets are the most important meets of any season, and getting yourself into the right frame of mind going into them is absolutely crucial to performing your best. In this video, I talk about several different things you can do to help you get your mind into the right place before any championship meet so you can give yourself the best chance possible at performing great once you’re there.

About the Author

Will Jonathan is the owner of Green Rhythm Swimming, a professional mental coaching service for competitive swimmers and swim programs. His past and present clients include age-group national champions, Junior & Senior-level International swimmers, NCAA D1 Nationally Ranked Swim Programs, and Olympians. For more information, head to

He is also the author of the book “The Swimmer’s Mind – Mastering The Mental Side Of Swimming”. It contains 320 pages of the same strategies and methodologies he uses when working with his individual clients and NCAA D1 Nationally-Ranked Swim Programs which have produced proven results and success at the Age-Group, National, NCAA, and International level. Readers will learn how to master the core aspects of the mental side of swimming such as how to be confident, how to create a strong racing mindset, how to overcome limiting beliefs, and much more. You can grab yourself a copy today at his website, at Amazon, and at Barnes & Nobles online and at stores nationwide.

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About Will jonathan

Will jonathan

Will Jonathan is a sports Mental Coach from Fort Myers, Florida. His past and present clients include athletes on the PGA Tour, the Tour, Major League Baseball, the UFC, the Primera Liga, the Olympics, and the NCAA, as well as providing numerous talks and presentations on the mental aspect of …

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