German Youth Need Good Kicking to Win Multi-Event Jr. National Championships

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June 06th, 2015 Europe, International, News

After swimming 5 different events in 4 days at German Youth and Junior Nationals the federation has found their champions in the multi-swim event which contains:

400 m Freestyle
50 m Kick (Back or  Breast or  Dolphin or Flutter) with a board (all strokes except backstroke)
100 and 200 m in the chosen stroke
200 m IM

The swimmers earned points based on the FINA 1000 points chart – with a special valuation for 50m kicks: The ultimate time gets the points of the equivalent 50m full stroke event and then is multiplied by three – a look at the final results shows clearly that the swimmers must show a good performance on the 50 m kicks if they hope to win the event.

The top FINA point scorer among all 12-year old girls and 12-or-13 years old boys was been Liv-Kathy Göbel (SV Halle/Saale) with 3349 – she got 930 for her 50 m  backstroke kicks. Only Kim Krüger topped this result wiht 1059 point – also in the backstroke kicks. Liv-Kathy swam the following times on the other strokes of this special combined events:

400 m Freestyle 4:45,96 (4.)
50 m Backstroke Kicks 0:39,95 (2.)
100 m Backstroke 1:07,22 (1.)
200 m Backstroke 2:26,06 (1.)
200 m IM 2:31,32 (2.)

The young swimmers have been honoured with awards separately in every stroke.

“It is very difficult event to train for. But it is a great challenge and I think there should be more opportunities to swim such a combined event.“ said Marko Letz, who is a ‘teachercoach’ at the Potsdam Sports School ‘Friedrich Ludwig Jahn.’

His job title ‘teachercoach’ is even unique in Germany and means that he coordinates at the sports school the school-, trainings-, competition-, and free time schedule of several hopeful young swimmers in the German 7th and 8th grade of the Gymnasium. He also is the swim and dryland coach of the youngsters in his group.  He has some collegues in Potsdam with the same task – some for swimmers, and some for other sports at different ages. Letz currently has in his training group among others Isabell Gose and Hannah Küchler, who were very successful in the 13-years olds age group at the German Youth and Junior Nationals which ends today in Berlin.

Gose, who starts for the Potsdamer SV, set a new age group record (born 2002) with a 9:05,46 in the 800 m Freestyle. Her Potsdamer teammate Anton Müller (15) also betters the old record with a 0:57,20 in the 100 backstroke.

With more than 5000 starts, 700 women and 800 boys this championship is  a huge competition – starts every day at 8.30 am and ends at 8 pm with the last final and award ceremony. So here are as examples some good performances:


13 years old (born 2002)
Isabel Gose, 200 m Freestyle, 2:05,17; 400 m Freestyle 4:24,32
Hannah Küchler, 200 m Freestyle, 2:07,36: 200 m IM 2:23,64

14 years old (born 2001)
Yara Sophie Hierath, 200 m IM, 2:18,55
Emily Charlotte Feldvoss, 100 m Breaststroke, 1:12,80

15 years old (born 2000)
Julia Mrozinski, 400 m Freestyle 4:14,54: 200 m Butterfly 2:12,74
Lea Boy, 1500 m Freestyle 16:43,22

16 years old (born 1999)
Maxine Wolters, 200 m Backstroke, 2:12,67; 100 m Backstroke 1:02,10

17 years old (born 1998)
Laura Riedemann, 200 m Backstroke, 2:13,70; 50 m Backstroke 0:28,56
Lisa Höpink, 100 m butterfly, 1:00,89

18 years old (born 1997)
Leonie Antonia Beck, 800 m Freestyle 8:30,01; 400 m Freestyle 4:10,32
Helen Scholtissek, 100 m Freestyle 0:55,81
Margarethe Hummel, 100 m Breaststroke, 1:10,37


14 years old (born 2001)
Nikita Rodenko, 50 m Freestyle 0:24,42; 200 m Freestyle 1:56,54 ; 400 m Freestyle 4:10,48; 1500 m Freestyle 16:34,33
Marek Göpfert, 100 m Breaststroke, 1:07,93
Christopher Böger, 400 m IM, 4:46,82

15 years old (born 2000)
Anton Müller, 200 m Backstroke, 2:06,81
Aaron Schmidt, 1500 m Freestyle, 16:13,66

16 years old (born 1999)
Josha Salchow, 200 m Backstroke, 2:04,45
Daniel Pinneker, 400 m Freestyle, 4:02,23

17 years old (born 1998)
Thore Bermel, 800 m Freestyle, 8:04,74; 1500 m Freestyle 15:25,74

18 years old (born 1997)
Marek Ulrich, 50 m Backstroke, 0:26,32; 100 m Backstroke 0:56,30; 100 m Free 0:51,53

20 years old (born 1995)
Michael Stöhner, 200 m Freestyle, 1:49,75b

The next important meet for the Junior European Championships in Baku in 2 weeks, this is the roster:

(Women 17 or younger and men 19 or younger)

Thore Bermel (SC Magdeburg), Moritz Brandt (SG Essen), Ole Braunschweig (LSV Berlin), Maximilian Forstenhäusler (SV Schwäbisch Gmünd), Paul Hentschel (SC Chemnitz 1892), Alexander Lohmar (SGS Hamburg), Henning Mühlleitner (SV Schwäbisch Gmünd), Ronald Müller (Potsdamer SV im OSC Potsdam), Tobias Niestroy (SG Neukölln Berlin), Nico Perner (SSG Saar Max Ritter), Leo Schmidt (Köpenicker SV Neptun Berlin 1889), Paulus Schön (SC Chemnitz 1892), Johannes Tesch (SV Halle/Saale), Marek Ulrich (SV Halle/Saale), Moritz Walaschewski (SG Essen), Konstantin Walter (SG Mittelfranken)

Jana Augenstein (ASC Mülheim), Lea Boy (Swim-Team Elmshorn), Thea Brandauer (Swim-Team Elmshorn), Katrin Gottwald (SG Mittelfranken), Marie Graf (SSG 81 Erlangen), Laura Kelsch (SC Magdeburg), Leonie Kullmann (SG Neukölln Berlin), Julia Mrozinski (SG Frankfurt), Lia Neubert (SV Halle/Saale), Phillis Range (Waspo 08 Göttingen), Josephine Tesch (Berliner TSC), Hana van Loock (SG Essen), Maxine Wolters (SG Bille), Jana Zinnecker (Bitterfelder SV 1990).

Women's age group multi-event winners. Courtesy: Tino Hentschel

Women’s age group multi-event winners. Courtesy: Tino Hentschel

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