Former New York Breakers Land Top Splits for New Teams at Match 3, Day 1 of ISL


Day 1 of match 3 of the 2020 International Swimming League season saw 4 relays, including the crucial medleys, anointing the LA Current the right to choose Sunday’s skins events.

Team Standings After Day 1

  1. LA Current – 262.5
  2. Tokyo Frog Kings – 248.5
  3. Toronto Titans – 208.5
  4. Aqua Centurions – 156.5

The LA Current won all but one relay in the meet, with the exception being the Aqua men’s 400 free relay. The Aqua men have won both of their 400 free relays in the 2020 ISL season, topping last week’s field in 3:05.94. This week, they were a full second better in 3:04.93.

Women’s 400 Free Relay

Leadoff Splits

Women’s 400 free relay leadoffs Relay Split
Anastasia Gorbenko LAC “A” 52.36
Aly Tetzloff LAC “B” 53.09
Julie Menen TOR “B” 53.39
Valentine Dumont AQC “A” 53.46
Anika Apostalon TOR “B” 53.46
Rio Shirai TOK “A” 53.49
Runa Imai TOR “B” 54.07
Etiene Medeiros AQC “B” 54.08

Flying Starts

Women’s 400 free relay splits Relay Split
Michelle Coleman TOR “A” 51.61
Andi Murez LAC “A” 51.97
Catie DeLoof TOK “A” 52.34
Abbey Weitzeil LAC “A” 52.39
Natsumi Sakai TOK “B” 52.64
Rebecca Smith TOR “A” 52.82
Claire Fisch TOR “B” 52.96
Aya Sato TOK “A” 53.06
Alyssa Marsh LAC “B” 53.15
Larissa Oliveira AQC “A” 53.20
Louise Hansson TOR “A” 53.21
Tomomi Aoki TOK “A” 53.30
Beryl Gastaldello LAC “A” 53.38
Lidon Munoz AQC “A” 53.47
Lisa Bratton TOR “B” 53.55
Chihiro Igarashi TOK “B” 53.55
Claire Rasmus LAC “B” 53.59
Kendyl Stewart LAC “B” 53.98
Katrina Konopka Reid AQC “A” 54.20
Anna Egorova TOR “B” 54.52
Theodora Drakout AQC “B” 54.54
Tain Bruce AQC “B” 54.55
Simona Kubova TOK “B” 54.57
Sasha Touretski AQC “B” 54.80

Andi Murez, though she had her Israeli Record broken by Anastasia Gorbenko on Saturday, has been a pleasant surprise for the LA Current so far this season. She’s been at her best in the 100 free, in spite of a few years of stagnation in long course in her best events.

Catie DeLoof has carried over some success in long course pre-meet into the ISL. Her 52.34 split on Saturday was faster than she swam all last season when racing for the New York Breakers.

The Aqua Centurion women struggled here, as they did all session, with 3 of the 4 slowest flying start splits, the slowest flat start split, and no swimmers ranked among the top 9 flying start splits. LA Current played their relays masterfully – their “A” relay won, even while saving Aly Tetzloff and her 53.09 leadoff split for the “B” relay. That allowed them to finish 1st and 4th in the relay.

Men’s 400 Free Relay

Leadoff Splits

Men’s 400 Free Relay – Leadoffs Relay Split
Pedro Spajari AQC “A” 47.05
Breno Correia AQC “B” 47.16
Shinri Shioura TOK “B” 47.21
Marco Ferreira LAC “A” 47.39
Dylan Carter LAC “B” 47.55
Michael Chadwick TOR “A” 47.58
Vlad MOrozov TOK “A” 47.84
Finlay Knox TOR “B” 50.15

Flying Starts

Men’s 400 free relay splits Relay Split
Alessandro Miressi AQC “A” 45.79
Marcelo Chierighini AQC “A” 45.83
Kristian Gkolomeev LAC “A” 45.96
Blake Pieroni TOR “A” 46.05
Maxime Rooney LAC “A” 46.06
Szebastian Szabo AQC “A” 46.26
Tom Shields LAC “A” 46.26
Gabriel Santos AQC “B” 46.36
Kosuke Matsui TOK “A” 46.47
Yuri Kisil TOR “A” 46.52
Katsuhiro Matsumoto TOK “A” 46.81
Brent Hayden TOR “A” 46.85
Apostolos Christou LAC “B” 46.94
Christian Quintero TOK “A” 47.3
Bruno Fratus TOK “B” 47.57
Luiz Altamir Melo AQC “B” 47.58
Fernando Scheffer LAC “B” 47.61
Naoki Mizunuma TOK “B” 48.00
Andriy Govorov TOR “B” 48.43
Andrew Seliskar LAC “B” 48.56
Kosuke Hagino TOK “B” 48.56
Cole Pratt TOR “B” 48.75
Philip Heintz AQC “B” 48.86
Daniil Pasynkov TOR “B” 49.23

Pedro Spajari was a late arrival to the ISL last season for the New York Breakers because of World Military Games commitments, and only got limited action once he arrived. But, with one of the fastest textile relay splits in swimming history, the potential was always there, and he showed it on Saturday with the top relay leadoff of the field of 47.05.

For Aqua, it’s a tale of the strength of their men’s team and weakness of their women’s team. They had the top 2 leadoff legs in this relay, and the top 2 flying start splits.

Toronto on paper looks like they’ve got a great relay, but one of their best two male sprinters, Michael Chadwick, wasn’t filing on full cylinders on Saturday.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay


Women’s 400 Medley – Back Relay Split
Ali DeLoof LAC “A” 56.95
Kylie Masse TOR “A” 57.28
Lisa Bratton TOR “B” 57.37
Simona Kubova TOK “B” 57.53
Aly Tetzloff LAC “A” 57.59
Rio Shirai TOK “A” 57.73
Katalin Burian AQC “B” 59.19
Etiene Medeiros AQC “A” 59.40


Women’s 400 Medley – Breast Relay Split
Miho Teramura TOK “B” 1:04.30
Anastasia Gorbenko LAC “A” 1:04.70
Maritina Carraro AQC “A” 1:04.93
Kelsey Wog TOR “A” 1:04.98
Julia Sebastian LAC “A” 1:05.31
Jocelyn Ulyett TOR “B” 1:05.55
Reona Aoki TOK “A” 1:05.89
Evelyn Verraszto AQC “B” 1:10.75


Women’s 400 Medley – Fly Relay Split
Suzuka Hasegawa TOK “A” 55.80
Louise Hansson TOR “A” 56.41
Beryl Gastaldello LAC “A” 56.74
Runa Imai TOK “B” 57.21
Rebecca Smith TOR “B” 57.60
Kendyl Stewart LAC “A” 57.66
Tain Bruce AQC “A” 57.80
Sasha Touretski AQC “B” 1:00.11


Women’s 400 Medley – Free Relay Split
Abbey Weitzeil LAC “A” 51.66
Michelle Coleman TOR “A” 51.90
Andi Murez LAC “A” 52.10
Catie DeLoof TOK “A” 52.23
Larissa Oliveira AQC “A” 53.09
Tomomi Aoki TOK “B” 53.14
Lidon Munoz AQC “B” 53.53
Anika Apostalon TOR “B” 53.88

Yet another former New York Breaker having a breakthrough early this season, Ali DeLoof had the top backstroke split in the field, including ahead of the former long course World Record holder Kylie Masse. She split 56.95, with her best 100 backstroke last season being a 57.1. She has been much better on relay leadoffs, generally, in the ISL. Last season, she got faster as the season wore on, which is tantilizing for the Current.

The Aqua “B” relay, after they lost Arianna Castiglione to injury, absolutely punted in this event. That resulted in a 7th-8th finish, missing the minimum time, and a jackpot loss to the winning LA Current.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay


Men’s 400 Medley – Back Relay Split
Leonardo de Deus AQC “B” 51.53
Matteo Rivolta AQC “A” 51.50
Markus Thormeyer TOK “B” 51.02
Ryan Murphy LAC “A” 49.94
Fergey Fesikov TOR “A” 51.77
Ryosuke Irie TOK “A” 49.87
Apostolos Christou LAC “B” 51.52
Cole Pratt TOR “B” 52.01


Men’s 400 Medley – Breast Relay Split
Nicolo Martinenghi AQC “A” 56.09
Yasuhiro Koseki TOK “A” 56.39
Anton McKee TOR “A” 56.82
Felipe Franca LAC “A” 56.95
Erik Persson TOR “B” 57.35
Will Licon LAC “B” 57.60
Shoma Sato TOK “B” 57.73
Fabio Scozzoli AQC “B” 58.05


Men’s 400 Medley – Fly Relay Split
Tom Shields LAC “A” 48.76
Szebasztian Szabo AQC “A” 49.16
Takeshi Kawamoto TOK “A” 49.42
Shane Ryan TOR “A” 50.68
Naoki Mizunuma TOK “B” 50.76
Philip Heintz AQC “B” 51.49
Andrew Seliskar LAC “B” 51.53
Finlay Knox TOR “B” 52.28


Men’s 400 Medley – Free Relay Split
Blake Pieroni TOR “A” 46.13
Maxime Rooney LAC “A” 46.20
Alessandro Miressi AQC “A” 46.21
Marcelo Chierighini AQC “B” 46.40
Marco Ferreira LAC “B” 47.10
Michael Chadwick TOR “B” 47.14
Vlad Morozov TOK “A” 47.15
Shinri Shioura TOK “B” 48.00

The really standout split here was a 48.76 fly leg from the LA Current’s Tom Shields, after winning the individual event earlier in the meet. That’s a 3-tenths improvement over what he went last weekend.

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2 years ago

If Tokyo had put Kubova and Teramura on their A relay, they would have won the women’s medley. Teramura alone was over a second and a half faster than Aoki on the breaststroke leg.

2 years ago

Great roster management, New York…

Reply to  Hmm
2 years ago

It’s almost like Coach Andrew only knows how to coach one swimmer on a team! Oh wait…

2 years ago

The men’s medley relay is all mixed up. According to the results on the live recap page Shields split 48.76 and Kawamoto split 49.42. And De Deus split 51.53 while it was Irie with the fastest split.

Still, thanks to Swimswam for this article! This is great analysis.

Reply to  swimfan210_
2 years ago

Yes. Pretty sure Irie hit first and Murphy second after the first leg

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