Anastasia Gorbenko Breaks Another European Junior Record at ISL


Anastasia Gorbenko, even at 17-years old, is already rising to legendary swimmer status in Israel.

That status rose on Saturday when she broke another Israeli Record when leading off the LA Current’s women’s 400 free relay. Gorbenko swam 52.36, which was the fastest leadoff leg of the field, and breaks a National Record.

That swim also sets a new European Junior Record in the event, clearing the benchmark standard of 52.60 to claim the title of first recognized record in the 100 free.

The old record of 52.71 was set last week by her LA Current teammate Andi Murez. Murez swam the 2nd leg on this week’s relay, splitting 51.97, the 2nd-best split in the field overall, and a time that implies she might have broken her National Record as well, if given the flat-start chance.

Anastasia Gorbenko Andi Murez
New Israeli Record
Old Israeli Record
50 free 25.18 25.51
100 free 27.18 27.20
Total Time 52.36 52.71

It was Gorbenko’s opening speed that made the difference for her here. She held on just as well coming home, but split more than 3-tenths faster on the first 50. That’s a shift in strategy for her. For example, last season, in her previous best time of 52.87, she was out in just 25.57. Even last week, on a rolling start, she was out in just 25.01 in her first 50, even on a very fast .06 exchange time.

In 3 days of competition across 2 meets so far in this ISL season, Gorbenko has broken 4 Israeli Records and 2 European Junior Records:

  • 100 free – 52.36 (Israel Record & European Junior Record)
  • 100 IM – 58.21 (Israel Record)
  • 200 IM – 2:06.46 (Israel Record & European Junior Record)
  • 400 IM – 4:35.05 (Israel Record)

In total she holds 16 Israeli Records: 5 in individual long course events, 4 in long course relays, and 7 in individual short course events.

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29 days ago

Tomorrow new 100IM RECORD !

29 days ago

Does Israel have enough fast women to compete for 1 of the 4 at large relay spots for the Olympics (4*100 F.R.)?
I think it will take about a 3:41+ to get one of the relay spots that are at large

Reply to  Dan
29 days ago

Unlikely at this point. I saw a 14yo Israeli girl swim 57low early this year, very nice stroke, lots of potential, but I think she is their number 3, which suggests there is nobody else capable of putting a good enough leg down currently. 57s/58s won’t cut it.

Last edited 29 days ago by Dee
Reply to  Dan
29 days ago

I think Polonsky can throw down at least a 56 low and then you have Golovati (born 2005) who has been 57.2, Barzelay who mainly swims backstroke but can potentially swim 56 mid/high. You also have Shikler with a 56.1 PB. If she can get back to 2016 form and Gorbenko+Murez can throw down some 54s then they might have a chance to swim 3.41. We will have to wait and see 🙂

Reply to  Swimmer
29 days ago

Golovati is the young girl I was referring too – Looks talented

29 days ago

She doesn’t appear to have a poor stroke, and a fine mix of speed and endurance is already apparent in her PBs (26.7 50fl, 2.28 200br, 1.00.5 100bk etc, all LCM last year). Definitely one to watch for in the years ahead.

Last edited 29 days ago by Dee

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