Energy Standard Women Unofficially Break 400 Free Relay World Record


The women’s 4x100m freestyle relay at this semifinal #1 of the International Swimming League (ISL) just put up the fastest time in history, with Energy Standard rocking an incredible 3:25.82.

The combination of Siobhan Haughey, Permille Blume, Femke Heemskerkand Sarah Sjostrom busted out a collective effort of 3:25.82 to take the relay in a major haul of 38.0 points toward the ENS kitty.

Splits for the four women included 51.35 for Haughey (HKG), 51.67 for Blume (DEN), 51.53 for Heemskerk (NED) and 51.27 for Sjostrom (SWE). Although their group effort is faster than the reigning World Record of 3:26.53 that the Netherlands logged at the 2014 World Championships, it won’t count due to the fact that ENS’ relay here was comprised of 4 different nations.

For split comparisons, the current World Record of 3:26.53 saw Inge Dekker hit 52.39, Femke Heemskerk 50.58, Maud van der Meer 52.55 and Ranomi Kromowidjojo 51.01. Heemskerk is the only carryover from this true WR to the ENS fastest mark.

As a consolation, Energy Standard did lower its own ISL record of 3:26.48 put on the books last year.

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Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Maybe it’s time for WR’s to stop being just “national”. It is not fair for these great swimmers not to be rewarded for their superlative efforts.

Last edited 3 years ago by Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

At the same time it kinda makes breaking any records as a nation impossible if the four best swimmers can just swim in an exhibition to brwAk it. Rather it be nations imo

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago


Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

I have a feeling that the rule change will happen soon-ish. The only way this could realistically happen before was in the NCAA, and that’s in yards, so there was no reason to give the rule any attention.

With so many multinational teams racing frequently in the ISL, we’re going to see more instances of “true WRs” diverging from FINA’s WRs and they are going to hate that.

Last edited 3 years ago by sven
Silent Observer
Reply to  sven
3 years ago

Hopefully they go the route of masters WRs and that the swimmers just need to be registered under the same club affiliation.

Though that might cause some additional paperwork, since the isl teams are not official club teams… Exceptions can be made 😉

Reply to  sven
3 years ago

I disagree. I don’t think we’ll see it change. The minute it changes, people are going to put together “World Record” teams of the 4 best swimmers on earth in exhibition events just to chase World Records.

Of course, anybody who wants to decide to ratify World Records for their own purposes can say they’re allowed. In terms of FINA, though, who ratify the World Records that so far everyone cares about, I don’t see them changing that.

What’s the upside of changing the rule?

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