EDGE: The First Fitness Tracker Created By Swimmers, For Swimmers

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February 22nd, 2018 Gear, Industry, News

Today, The Phlex EDGE launches on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. Starting at $199 for the early bird discount, The EDGE is the first fitness tracker created by swimmers, for swimmers. This revolutionary device incorporates patented machine learning technology to provide real time heart rate, advanced stroke analysis, and thousands of professionally written workouts, all in a seamlessly designed and incredibly intuitive device worn on your favorite pair of goggles.

Pre-order the EDGE today!

The EDGE is the first of its kind, combining both hardware and software to give any swimmer an edge on their swimming goals, no matter the skill level. Whether training for a triathlon, the Olympics, or to get in shape in the new year, the EDGE is a powerful piece of technology developed to provide total body awareness with an array of features, such as:

  • Phlex Force Real Time Heart Rate – Smart tracking alerts you of your current Heart
    Rate zone with haptic feedback vibrations. The ability to track your heart rate in real time
    is THE most important analytic to have during a workout, we wanted to bring that to
  •  Machine Learning Algorithm – THE EDGE utilizes biometric and inertial
    sensors to calculate over 30 swimming metrics during training which are then
    analyzed to provide Technical Analysis and Stroke Tips post workout
  • Reinvent the Way You Train – THE EDGE actively learns what kind of swimmer
    YOU are by recognizing workout structure, sets, strokes, and intervals. It even
    finds inefficiencies in the way you train, then recommends ways to fix them.
  • A Comfortable Advantage – Designed to seamlessly fit any swimmers lifestyle,
    The EDGE fits most popular goggle straps with a hydrodynamic design that will
    feel like it’s not even there. Swimmers shouldn’t be training with anything but a
    suit, cap, and goggles with an EDGE.
  • Cloud Based Analytics – View your training data anytime, anywhere with the
    Phlex Swim cloud-based workouts review and analytics.
  •  Swim Smart Video Solution – Take advantage of exclusive industry leading
    stroke and drill content, taught by the top athletes in the world and tailored to
    your specific swimming needs.
  • Goal Fulfillment – Crush your goals and stay motivated by keeping track in-app
    by comparing yourself to friends, teammates, or global distance challenges like
    the English Channel.
  • Train Like The Pros Do – The Phlex Swim App offers thousands of
    professionally written workouts by Olympians, Iron Men, and Elite Coaches.

Pre-order the EDGE today!

Why not a watch?

You wouldn’t run a marathon in sandals, so why train for swimming wearing a watch. Watches and chest-worn heart rate monitors are cumbersome and bulky, which increases the chances that your stroke will suffer by favoring a specific side. Shed those inefficiencies and embrace the EDGE technology, a head based, hydrodynamic design that’s virtually unnoticeable when being worn.

A Team You Can Trust

Founded by four teammates swimming for the University of Florida, the Phlex team is experienced in every segment of the sport of swimming. Cofounder like Marcin Cieslak have competed at the 2012 Olympic Games for Poland, Harrison Gibson has decades of coaching experience within his family, Ryan Rosenbaum, a USMS National record holder and experienced Open Water swimmer, and Luke Torres having swum collegiately and now competing in Triathlons. Through all of our time around the sport, we have cultivated relationships with Olympic team coaches and medalists, Iron Man Triathletes, and Masters world record holders to understand what drives YOU as a swimmer.

Pre-order the EDGE today!

Developed With Olympians

The EDGE is backed by notable Olympic swimmers such as twelve-time Olympic medalist and former world record-holder, Dara Torres, American competition swimmer, Elizabeth Beisel, two-time Olympic gold medalist, world champion, and current world record-holder, Ricky Berens, Olympic swimming coach & head coach of the Florida Gators, Gregg Troy, Polish competitive swimmer, Pawel Korzeniowski, and South African swimmer and YouTube sensation, Calvyn Justus.

Pre-order the EDGE today!

No matter what your skill level or involvement in the sport of swimming, The PHLEX EDGE has been engineered for a custom experience. Phlex has worked with athletes ranging from everyday masters and recreational swimmers, all the way to multi time Olympic medalists and Iron Man triathletes to learn what tools each segment holds highest in priority.

The EDGE will be available for presale on the Indiegogo page starting at $199 +
Shipping. Products are estimated to ship November 2018.

About Phlex

Phlex is a technology startup based at the International Swimming Hall of Fame Aquatic
Complex in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Founders Luke Torres, Marcin Cieslak, Ryan
Rosenbaum and Harrison Gibson come from all aspects of the swimming world ranging
from masters swimmers and swim coaches, to Olympian. As passionate swimmers-
turned-entrepreneurs, the Phlex founders formed an engineering team with the goal of
bringing technological innovation into the sport of swimming. For years, as the team
watched sports like cycling flourish with technology providing advanced training
analytics, while swimming floundered in the old ways as coaches still walked the deck
with a stopwatch collecting times. The Phlex team searched for feedback from the
world's most accomplished swimmers and created a laundry list of innovations they
wanted to bring to a seamless yet technologically advanced product that would attach to
any swimmers favorite goggles. With this goal, the EDGE was born.

Facebook: @PhlexSwim
Twitter:    @PhlexSwim
Instagram: @PhlexSwim
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/phlexswim/

Swimming gear news courtesy of Phlex, a SwimSwam partner. 

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Questionable so far…
1. How can the HR measurement be accurate with the placement like this (over the cap, in the water)? Wrist based optical HRM’s are TOTALLY inaccurate during the swim. How exactly this one is different?
2. The description says it gives you technique tips. Well, can it spot your dropped elbow, sinking legs, too wide breaststroke kick or too early breathing in butterfly? I assume most of the feedback is based on DPS and SR values.
3. In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNnerbCIGWc swimmer just touches the wall and the system already knows the stroke of the next length, even before he finishes the turn. Impressive, but I… Read more »

Reply to  Zhenia
3 years ago

I will try and answer your questions although I have nothing to do with this product and I swim with a watch that tracks everything I do in the pool:

1. When you swim hard, each beat of your heart makes the veins in your head bulge, which are picked up by the Edge through your cap. Or, you can just get very angry and the veins in your head will bulge as well.

2. Unknown to you, every swimming movement has a head tell. When you take a last-minute breath before your flip turn, the Edge will tell you not to breath into the wall, even though it knows that your heart rate is up to 155 BPM and… Read more »

Dan C Wilson
1 year ago

Very quirky a year later. Still feels like beta test to me. Wish I had a do-over on this one.

5 months ago

We bought one. We’ve had nothing but problems and they are unresponsive.

A waste of $300!

An average masters swimmer
2 months ago

Does not recognise butterfly. It mixes it up with breaststroke.
I have contacted their support, but no reply after three weeks.

I’m a masters swimmer and compete in butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and IM. My technique in butterfly is far from perfect, but I can do 200m on a long course and more if I want and can get close to 32 secs on 50m long course. If that is not enough, they should not market it to commoners.

I don’t want anything on my wrist when I swim and this product was really tempting as it also promised stroke and even drill detection. It can recognise freestyle, backstroke and distances within sets, but what is missing is splits within… Read more »