Dolfin Performance Swimwear: LightStrikeTM In-Depth Video

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November 15th, 2017 College, Gear, Industry, News

Matt Zimmer,  Dolfin Swimwear’s VP of Global Development, breaks down Dolfin’s latest in performance technology–LightStrikeTM.

See the full LightStikeTM release below: 

Dolfin Swimwear is proud to unveil the latest technology in performance swimwear – LightStrikeTM. LightStrikeTM was developed after years of research in biomechanics, active drag analysis, fabric innovation, and compression analysis. This new FINA approved suit is supported by Greg Meehan, US Olympic and World Championship Head Coach, and Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, PhD in Biomechanics and former Performance Director with USA Swimming.

LightStrikeTM represents three critical areas of innovation: Fit, Form, and Function. The most challenging and important component of any technical racing suit is the Fit. LightStrikeTM delivers on a promise to create a customized fit based on body type, stroke, and critical zone options. Each athlete will have the unprecedented opportunity to essentially design their suit tailored to their needs. Female Chest, Torso, and Flex leg options are available in every size, in both open and closed backs. Male athletes can choose from high and regular waist, and tailor their leg fit according to their stroke needs.

LightStrikeTM gives our athletes the power of a perfect fit, customized to their specific stroke and body type along with the greatest technology on the market.” Greg Meehan, 2017 NCAA coach of the year, US World Championship Head Coach and 2016 Olympic Coach.

The Form of the suit was developed using Ultra-Sonic 3D body mapping with StykuTM body mapping exclusive technology.

“Collecting millions of data points allowed us to both map the perfect pattern, as well as develop a compression matrix so we know how much compression, and where, will result in the ideal suit for the athlete,” explained Matt Zimmer, VP of Global Development. “We know exactly how much the chest, torso, hips, and legs need to be compressed to allow for an ideal swim, and no one has ever been able to do that before.“

Enhanced with core-power supporting vibration control taping, Functionally, the LightStrike provides the ultimate energy-return system to athletes. Patent-Pending features like this are only enhanced by utilizing an exclusive metallic weave, resulting in the highest strength to weight ratio the company has ever developed.

The combined weight of the Stormlight shell fabric and Hyperlight lining in a female open-back model is a paltry 2.8oz, and comes with industry leading hydrophobic coating and powerful ultra-sonic bonded seams.

The combination of these applications provides the best fit options in the world, in an incredibly strong and featherweight design, with the most advanced compression science ever developed.

In anticipation of the release of the LightStrikeTM technology, college and club interest has been thriving. Planning to compete in LightStrikeTM will be prominent names like Stanford, Denison, Notre Dame, Florida State, Purdue, Pitt, Utah, Penn State, and Auburn to name a few.

LightStrike (TM) – prepare to electrify your lane!

Available in January 2018, pre-ordering available December 2017.

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