David Verraszto runs afoul of Hungarian federation with comments about importance of European Championships

Hungarian swimmer David Verraszto reached the top of the podium in Berlin last week at the European Championships, but the gold medal might not mean as much to him as you’d think.

According to the French AFP news, Verraszto told a Hungarian reporter after the race that he was happy to have won, but that “in Hungary, a European title isn’t worth s***.” That profanity, and the critical comment itself, has gotten Verraszto in a bit of trouble with his home swimming federation, AFP reports.

The Hungarian federation was not amused, and released a statement on Monday.

“For sure we won’t be employing him as a spokesman in the near future,” said MUSZ (the Hungarian Swimming Federation) head Tamas Gyarfas in the statement.

Verraszto won the 400 IM at the European Championships last week. He’s already back in action, taking second in the event at the Doha World Cup meet in Qatar earlier today, and one can only speculate as to whether the $1,000 paycheck that came with that silver medal means more to Verraszto than his European Championships gold.

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Timothy Greene
8 years ago

How do we know you’re her sister?

8 years ago

Oh so you know my brother ideas? I dont think, but i dont think i have to explain anything. And i think i wrote in a normal style not like you.

8 years ago

… what is that?

Anyway, I understood he just complains that in hungary, only winning a world title would be considered as a big achievement.

NOT David Verraszto
8 years ago

Sister, don’t lie to the people.

Please don’t impersonate others in the comments – Moderator

Evelyn verraszto
8 years ago

Dear swimswam. The gold medal means him a lot because he worked a lot for it, i am his sister so i really know what it means to my brother. Its not about this, and not about money. So please untill you dont know the real , dont hurt my brothers thinking about swimming! Thanks a lot!

Jim C
8 years ago

It sounds like the federation is telling him to change his nationality and swim for another country.

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