David Marsh on DQ: “She’ll Rotate A Little Bit More…Tonight”


After the disqualification and overturning of the disqualification of women’s 200 fly favorite Cammile Adams, SwimMAC Carolina, and U.S. Olympic Women’s Team head coach spoke with the media.

On Cammile Adams’ swim resulting in a disqualificaiton call that was later overturned:

Cammile had a very nice morning swim. The process is the officials on the deck, when they perceive something, they can make a call knowing that it’s going to underwater backup camera. We went down, looked into our camera with Cammile, with (National Team Director) Frank Busch and myself and the officials, and the perception was by the official that she came off the wall on her back, and the underwater camera confirms it has her toes off the wall. She was fully on her side moving toward her stomach, so thankfully we followed the process of what FINA does with the underwater cameras, and that helps protect the athletes, and this was a case where having more technology is the right thing to do. The call on the deck was overturned, so she’s good for tonight.

On Cammile’s reaction to the original call:

Cam’s the kind of person who doesn’t do anything wrong, much less a turn. Like, she is just this spot-on person, works at it every day. Every time she touches the wall, it’s with two hands. She’s on it. So she was blown away that there might have been a call made, because it’s just like, wait a minute, I do everything well. So she’s – I think the problem we get in here is that when the swimmers are coming through the rotation on a turn, all butterfliers who touch the wall drop the shoulder to slip under the water and then push off. So once you’re under the water, it’s hard to really get a clear idea of if you’re really on your back side or stomach, and fortunately, as I said – and I wish this was in all the cases – so many young age group kids are disqualified for calls that are like, “what?” You know, why did they need to make that call? If you had video replay, there’d probably be half the calls, and half the calls would be overturned, but thankfully at this level meet, we were able to go back in the room. And give credit to the entire officials group, because everybody was very calm about this, so they, you know – Cam and myself, Cam’s dad (coach Eddie Adams), and coach Bob (Groseth) – we were the ones who were, like, a little more anxious about it. Frank BUsch helped us out with just kind of helping to make sure procedures were followed, and then sure enough, the call was put where it should be,

On disqualifications going to underwater review:

The ADQ now goes to underwater review, and it should. Because you want to give the benefit to the athlete. Whether the kids are 8 years old, or they’re in the Olympics, benefit should always go to the athlete.

On his reaction to the call:

I was the same as Cam, like, wait, she doesn’t do things wrong. She’s precise in what she does in life and in the pool and details like that. So it’s, you know – we’ll not make it close tonight. She’ll rotate a little bit more toward her stomach tonight.

Adams also spoke briefly after the race.

On her thoughts coming out of the pool:

Yeah, I mean, obviously they took a little bit to review the tape, but when I saw it, obviously, a little bit of panic. A lot of panic. But just really thankful for the system that we have and got to go back to the head coach and just look at the underwater camera. With it being overturned, I’m obviously very thankful. I have a lot of great supporting behind me with David (Marsh) and Bob (Groseth) on my end and my dad being here as well, and then Frank Busch came down in the rom as well just to have the moral support behind me, and I think that makes a big difference. So obviously a little bit more emotional than I wanted it to be this morning, but I was really happy with the race. To wait two after not racing for two days and just kind of sitting around, I wanted to get back into the meet, and I’m really looking forward to tonight.

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Over officiating? If the underwater cam showed on her side, and it was close, sure sniffs like benefit of the doubt did not go to the swimmer. Surprised that the call was held up by both the cj and head ref.


Great quotes to gain perspective. Impressed with how it was all handled. I am glad she is back in. The USA needs its best 200 flyer!


Shades of the past….reminds me of poor Kristine Quance back in ’96. That DG was unfortunately upheld and US swimming and Kristine suffered for it.

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