Daiya Seto Speaks To Ethics Committee W/ Ramifications Expected

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October 13th, 2020 News

26-year-old Olympic medalist Daiya Seto met with the formal ethics committee of the Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF) yesterday, October 12th.

The topic of discussion was Seto’s JASF ethics violation incurred by way of his extramarital affair, a situation to which the world record holder admitted to and apologized for last month.

Swimming-related fallout from the personal event already included the double gold medalist from the 2019 FINA World Aquatic Championships submitting his request to be removed as captain of the Japanese Olympic swimming team. Seto’s request was granted.

Additionally, Seto withdrew from the Japan Short Course Swimming Championships, which are slated to take place this weekend.

Managing Director Kaname Sakamoto told Asian press after having met with Seto for nearly an hour yesterday that the swimmer conveyed his ‘explanation with a sincere attitude.’ and that there were words of apology expressed.

Next steps involve the JASF holding an extraordinary managing board meeting today, October 13th to determine if there will be any further ramifications.

Sakamoto said of Seto, “He has not touched the law. That is a big criterion. I consulted with an attorney at law, but after investigating other cases (women’s problem), there is little reason to deprive the representative.”

However, Nikkan Sports is reporting that a suspension from the Japanese national team of 1-2 months is still expected. (Nikkan Sports)

Further, Sanspo has repeated its report that Seto’s participation in the International Swimming League (ISL) is still under review by the ethics committee, despite denials of the report by his Tokyo Frog Kings.

Seto’s absence for the Tokyo Frog Kings’ inaugural ISL season would deal a big-time blow to the Kosuke Kitajima-run outfit. Seto won the league title with Energy Standard last year, though he only competed in one meet: the league finale. Seto was a huge contributor there, though, winning the 200 IM, 400 IM and 200 fly for Energy Standard.

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11 months ago

Meanwhile in France several swimmers have been hauled before the standards board after rumours surfaced that they are in faithful monogamous relationships.

Reply to  Togger
11 months ago

I don’t get this joke🙈 elaborate

Reply to  Swammer
11 months ago

France, particularly French politics, is notorious for a laissez faire approach to extra marital affairs, seeing them as a pleasure not unlike a fine wine.

A French politician without a mistress is like a sheriff without a gun.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Togger
11 months ago

You are in the days of the Mitterands . Sarkozy was married to Carla Bruni . I’m not sure that French ladies have go t that scope for excitement anymore . Look at how Laure was completely expunged from La Romance by an Italian rival & who likely took her place on the podium . Ouch.

Holland was not married , he got rid of his live in partner & was reduced to riding his bicycle at night to visit a lady .

Macron is the 100% opposite .

11 months ago

Different world over there huh

Mrs. Swimming
Reply to  Markster
11 months ago

Truly, learning a lot about Japanese culture through this whole debacle!

11 months ago

Koseki was given a 3-month suspension in 2018 for hitting a teammate in the stomach. Japanese really set a high moral standard for their athletes (or every citizen).

Ikee Fan
Reply to  whever
11 months ago

Koseki should not have hit, but the one who was hit was not following the rules set by the team during the camp in Spain- cleaning crew ( not a joke). The guy was suppose to be cleaning that day, but instead playing soccer or frisbee outside.

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