Daiya Seto Vacates JPN Olympic Team Captain Post Over Affair

In a potential blow to the morale of Japanese Olympic swimming, World champion and Olympic medalist Daiya Seto has vacated his post as team captain.

It was recently revealed in Asian press and confirmed by 26-year-old Seto that the dad of two had engaged in an extramarital affair. The situation came to light last week, with Seto issuing a formal public apology.

On September 24th, Seto said in a statement released by his management company, “My careless act hurt my precious family and caused trouble and dismay for all my supporters, sponsoring companies and many other people.”

“With deep remorse, I would like to discuss with my family what to do next.”

Now The Japan Times is reporting that Seto visiting the Japan Swimming Federation (JASF) today, September 30th and submitted his resignation as captain for next year’s Olympic Games. He was nominated for the role in January of this year based on large part to his become Japan’s first-ever double IM World champion with his 200m IM and 400m IM victories in Gwangju. Those gold medal-worthy performances earned the man an automatic bid to compete at a home-based Olympic Games; it still holds with the postponement as well.

Regarding his team captain resignation, a federation executive told The Japan TimesSeto said, “I’m very sorry. I want to do my best to restore peoples’ trust, so I ask for your continuing support in this effort.”

Seto’s decision is set to be reviewed at a JASF Executive Board meeting scheduled for October 6th.

Seto also relinquished his image-rights agreement with the Japanese Olympic Committee, as well as severed his ties with corporate sponsor All Nippon Airways Co. (AN), per the airline’s request. (The Japan Times).

“We have been supporting Seto, but this problem does not fit with the image our company hopes to project,” the company said through a communications officer.

Coming off of a red-hot year of breaking records and taking names in the pool, Seto was primed to be on top of the world at a Tokyo Olympic Games. With the postponement of the Olympics to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic brought intense feelings of sadness and despair for Seto who in April said, “I couldn’t think of anything positive to say because I had dedicated myself so much to the Tokyo Olympics. When the postponement was announced I was left with a gaping hole I couldn’t fill – I was empty.

“There was no way I could bring myself to talk about next year and honestly, I’m still struggling to pick up the pieces and regroup.”

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22 days ago

Wow he was becoming my favorite swimmer too. What’s with IM flyers making bad choices 😔

Reply to  Virtus
22 days ago

naybe IMers like (too much) variety??

Reply to  austinpoolboy
22 days ago

Yes, stroking too many backs and breasts freely!

Old Man Chalmers
Reply to  torchbearer
21 days ago

flying off the rails with their behaviour

22 days ago

Poor guy be more careful next time

Reply to  Markster
22 days ago

Or maybe like…don’t cheat on your spouse?

22 days ago

This is why you dont get married at a young age especially when youre a star athlete who can get all the action you want. The world will unfortunately attack you when you act on your natural reproductive instincts.

Reply to  Markster
22 days ago

“The dad of two” – I think his “reproductive instincts” were satisfied.

I feel sorry his wife and children; Affairs are awful for any family, but I couldn’t begin to imagine what it’s like with every detail documented in national media from now until eternity.

Last edited 22 days ago by Dee
Reply to  Markster
22 days ago

the fact that people are liking this comment is genuinely scary -_-

Jason Zajonc
Reply to  toastedcoconut
22 days ago

Right. Is this really swim news? Let’s stick to swimming…I feel bad for everyone involved but maybe it should be a private matter.

Reply to  Jason Zajonc
22 days ago

Hi Jason,

We actually ignored this story for about a week and a half.

When it cost him his captainship of the Olympic Team, it became swim news.

Reply to  Braden Keith
22 days ago

Thanks, Braden. I think you had the right approach, and appreciate how you manage stories in general.

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