Currin Reveals Her Rick Curl Story on NPR

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Kelley Currin, formerly Kelley Davies, was interviewed by NPR Radio about her relationship with Coach Rick Curl, founder of the super-team, Curl-Burke Swim Club, now CUBU.

According to Ms. Currin’s interview, an intimate emotional and sexual relationship began when she was thirteen years old and continued for four years until her parents read her diary just before she went away to college on a swimming scholarship and confronted Mr. Curl.”

According to the NPR interview, Ms. Currin’s decision to speak publicly about the alleged relationship followed the Penn State football controversy and the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, which resulted in the Penn State board of trustees voting unanimously to fire  Joe Paterno.

Ms. Currin’s story broke when the Washington Post reported that they had received a copy of a non-disclosure agreement where Coach Curl agreed to pay $150,000 to Kelley Davies (Currin) and her family in exchange for their agreement to not speak publicly about the topic, or to press criminal charges.

Coach Rick Curl was never prosecuted.

According to the NPR interview, Ms. Currin is unsure whether or not Mr. Curl will sue following her decision to speak out publicly about the matter.

The NPR Radio interview with Kelley Currin is at this link.  Mrs. Currin’s account of the events while she swam for Coach Rick Curl is detailed and may not be suitable for children.

NPR contacted Rick Curl’s attorney, Thomas J. Kelly, for comment. He declined.


July 25th: Washington Post releases scanned version of the non-disclosure agreement.

July 25th: USA Swimming statement regarding their emergency hearing scheduled with Coach Rick Curl, founder of Curl Burke Swim Club.

July 25th: Rick Curl Accuser (Kelley) Currin Speaks Out

July 26th: Attorney Denies USA Swimming Timeline on Rick Curl

July 26th:  USA Swimming: “Ms. Currin’s First Lawyer Agreed with the Approach

August 1st, Rick Curl Resigns as CUBU President, Separate accounts of funds begun.


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To former Curl Swimmer – you are wrong and this case is all lies and extortion. She was paid to get rid of her and most people would pay to get rid of someone trying to destroy them. If she did have a dating with or without sex relationship and it ended not the way she wanted then she should have acted as an adult and way to call or write to her if you changed his mind then stay away for good. Anyone who is a minor and has repeated sex with someone can’t claim it was a crime and if they are adult enough to have sex they are adult enough to act like an adult. Curl never… Read more »
Former Curl Swimmer

Pete Morgan knew as did several other current Curl coaches. The cover up goes deep and will all come out in the months to come. @CUBU swimmer- Curl signed a document admitting that he molested Ms. Currin, what more do you need?


I’m not making this seem like what happened any less worse, but what bothers me about Ms. Currin is the fact she has done all of these media interviews but when USA Swimming wanted to speak with her Attorney came out and ask “…USA Swimming to protect the victim from further abuse by having her recall in detail a painful chapter in her life.”

I don’t understand, why is she still relieving it with Media outlets but not USA Swimming?


I was wondering the same thing…

Her attorney has an interest in not allowing Ms. Currin to participate in the USA Swimming hearing process. If she does, and through her testimony, Mr. Curl is easily banned, the attorney has to own that the USA Swimming process works — which he has firmly and adamantly denied for three years now. If she does not participate, and USA Swimming is not able to ban Mr. Curl – which is considerable more difficiult without the account of the victim – he can continue his venomous rhetoric about how USA Swimming fosters pedophiles. He has no actual interest in protecting his client as a sex abuse victim and every interest in using her to continue his vendetta against USA Swimming.

Thanks, SWIMMER4EVER. I didn’t think of it like that. Make sense now!

Yup. I hope the record reflects that Allard is not doing this for anyone’s sake but his own and to further his own record. He is pursuing this for the wrong reasons – hoping it can get him nominated for another “California Lawyer of the Year” (of which is highly debatable, I know of many other more worthy attorneys that I could vouch for).

Basically, if’s proven that the new process USA Swimming implemented several years ago does a good job, Allard has lost his cash cow.

And in the process he may get a settlement from USA Swimming.