Curl Burke Swim Club Announces “NCAP” As New Name

by Jenny Wilson 22

September 18th, 2012 Club, National, News

Curl Burke Swim Club announced Wednesday that they are now the Nation’s Capital Swim Club (NCAP). After head coach Rick Curl stepped down last month amidst sexual abuse allegations, the club moved quickly to distance itself from Curl and his name.

Thomas E. Ugast is the new owner. He has worked with the club for 6 years as chief operating officer, and took over as CEO in late July. “The last couple of months have been a challenging time for our Club, coaches, swimmers, and facility partners,” he said. “Our new name and ownership build on the many changes we’ve already made that reflect our uncompromising commitment to the safety of our swimmers, while preserving the talents and strengths that have made our club one of the country’s most successful for years.”

Pete Morgan, who coached Ed Moses to a gold medal and world record, will continue the head coaching duties he assumed in July. Along with the new name, the club has introduced a new logo to further establish its new identity, which has been recognized and approved by USA Swimming.

NCAP has over 2,000 swimmers spread across 15 facilities and led by a coaching staff that totals 85 (and includes Tim Kelly, who in this author’s opinion is the best club coach in the country). The club is coming off of one of its most successful seasons in several years, highlighted by Katie Ledecky’s gold medal and American Record performance in London.

Ugast commented on the “support, counsel, and understanding” from within the club community during a difficult time and said that the “Club remained strong primarily because of the talents and dedication of our coaches and the trust they have earned from their swimmers and families.”

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Disclaimer: The author of this article was a long time member of NCAP, formerly known as Curl Burke Swim Club

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What’s with the strange editorial aside on Tim Kelly? Seems out of place in an otherwise informative report.

long time swim person

Really? Tim Kelly is a good coach, but the “best” club coach in the country. Pretty strong statement and based on what?


Well since the author of the article is a Curl Burke swimmer, my guess is that he was her coach.


I think author of this article, miss Wilson (who swam at curl Burke) was probably coached by Tim Kelly, and is thus giving a little wink wink shout out to her coach….confused the heck outa me at first so I did a little research. Ha!


I believe Tim Kelly was the author’s coach : )…and she did state ‘In my opinion.’ He is a very good coach and an even better person.

I Love you Jenny

He coached the author haha. Damn good coach, though.