College Swimming Preview: 1/23/2017-1/29/2017

Alesha Breckon
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January 24th, 2017 News

Below is a list of the D1 meets we’ll be covering this week at SwimSwam. In case we missed any, please leave them in the comments and we’ll get it added. 


Meet Date Men Women
Northwestern vs. Iowa 1/23 x
Towson vs. Navy vs. Johns Hopkins 1/25 x x
FAU vs. Florida Gulf Coast 1/27 x
TCU vs. North Texas 1/27 x
Texas A&M vs. SMU 1/27 x
W. Virginia vs. Bucknell 1/27 x x
Wyoming vs. Air Force 1/27 x
Kentucky vs. Cincinnati 1/27 x x
Penn vs. Westchester 1/27 x x
Boston College vs. Providence 1/27 x x
Duke vs. North Carolina 1/27 x x
Stanford vs. UCLA 1/27 x
Cal vs. USC 1/27 x
Buffalo vs. St. Bonaventure 1/27 x x
Columbia vs. Navy 1/27 x
Michigan vs. Ohio State 1/27 x x
NC State vs. UNC 1/27 x x
Louisville vs. Indiana 1/27 x x
Cleveland State vs. Oakland 1/27 x x
Akron vs. Bowling Green 1/27-1/28 x
Texas vs. Arizona 1/27-1/28 x x
Air Force Diving Invitational 1/27-1/28 x x
LSU vs. Houston vs. Rice vs. Tulane 1/27-1/28 x x
Tiger Invitational 1/27-1/28 x x
SC College Invitational 1/27-1/28 x x
Minnesota vs. Purdue vs. Northwestern 1/27-1/28 x x
Shamrock/Notre Dame Invitational 1/27-1/28 x
Western Pennsylvania Invitational 1/27-1/28 x x
Northeastern vs. LIU Brooklyn vs. Wagner 1/27-1/28 x
USC Invitational 1/27-1/28 x x
W. Virginia vs. Villanova 1/28 x x
Toledo vs. Ohio 1/28 x
Miami (Ohio) vs. Ball State 1/28 x
Ball State vs. Evansville 1/28 x
Kansas vs. Arkansas 1/28 x
Eastern Michigan vs. Buffalo 1/28 x x
Iowa State vs. N. Iowa 1/28 x
FIU vs. Florida Gulf Coast 1/28 x
FAU vs. Indian River 1/28 x x
Marshall vs. Vanderbilt 1/28 x
New Mexico vs. New Mexico State 1/28 x
Wyoming vs. UNLV 1/28 x
North Dakota vs. South Dakota State 1/28 x x
Omaha vs. South Dakota State 1/28 x
Air Force vs. Denver 1/28 x x
Fresno State vs. San Jose State University 1/28 x
Nevada vs. Boise State vs. Northern Arizona 1/28 x
Georgia vs. Emory 1/28 x x
Florida vs. Tennessee 1/28 x x
Miami (Fl) vs. Nova Southeastern 1/28 x x
UNC vs. Duke 1/28 x x
Boston College vs. Boston 1/28 x x
Cal vs. UCLA 1/28 x
Stanford vs. USC 1/28 x
Western Illinois vs. Washington University 1/28 x x
Towson vs. Delaware 1/28 x x
Florida State vs. Georgia Tech 1/28 x x
Drexel vs. Leigh 1/28 x x
Brown vs. Cornell 1/28 x x
NC State vs. Virginia 1/28 x x
Rutgers vs. Richmond 1/28 x
Penn State Diving Invitational 1/28-1/29 x x
Dartmouth vs. Connecticut 1/29 x x
Fresno State vs. UC Davis 1/29 x

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5 years ago

missing umass vs fordham on 1/28 and iona vs fordham on 1/25

5 years ago

Ucsb vs. Cal Poly on Saturday

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