Coach’s Log: 10×300 with Mike Bottom

*Video produced by SwimSwam contributor Coleman Hodges.*

When talking to one of the best sprinting minds in the history of the sport, it’s fascinating to hear him explain the benefit of 10×300. Mike Bottom does just that in this episode of Coach’s Log. The Head Coach of the Michigan Wolverines talks about how this set came to be, what he’s looking for in the set, and some impressive times he’s seen on the last 300. Bottom also talks about his stance on equipment and how the champs are looking this fall in Ann Arbor.

Here’s the set:

10×300 @ 4:00

200 athletes
1-3 100 Cruz 50 fast
4-6, 75 cruz, 75 fast, paddles
7-9 100 fast 50 Cruz, fins
10 go w/ fins n paddles

100 athletes
1-3; 25 fast, 75 cruz
4-6;50 fast, 100 cruz, Pads
7-9;75 fast, 75 cruz, fins n pads
10: 50 cruz, 100 Blast, 100 cruz, 50 fast, fins and paddles

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7 years ago

Interesting set from Coach Bottom, usrp?

Reply to  Coach
7 years ago

Nope, seems like a simple high speed/active recovery set.

7 years ago

I love how the first thing he says he wants his swimmers to get out of this set is motivation. It’s nice to see a coach that really considers his swimmers feelings and puts a lot of thought into getting them going.

Garrett, it’s always a joy to see your interviews. Keep up the great work!

7 years ago

Boys or Girls Garrett? These are NCAA Champions…need to get out of the club mindset!!! Men and Women swim in college, and especially at Michigan. No boys and girls up there!

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