Cielo takes Over Top Spot In the World in The Men’s 50 Butterfly Posting A 23.01

Thanks to D’Artagnan Dias for contributing to this report.

On the fifth day of competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil the Corinthians increased their lead to almost 700 points over the second place Minas in the battle for the 2014 Maria Lenk Trophy.

Team scores after day five:

  1. Corinthians/ABDEM – 2,311.50
  2. FIAT/MINAS – 1,679.00
  3. PINHEIROS – 1,269.00
  4. SESI-SP – 840.00
  5. UNISANTA – 776.50

Minas star Cesar Ceilo had an extraordinary day posting an extremely impressive time of 23.01 to win the men’s 50 butterfly. Ceilo’s time tops the world rankings. He told reporters after the race that his goal was to go under 23 seconds, but due to a poor start that wasn’t in the cards for this evening’s finals.

He joked with the the media that even veterans make rookie mistakes.

2014 LCM Men 50 Fly TYR World Ranking

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Nicholas Dos Santos took advantage of Ceilo’s mistake, leading the race for the first 40 meters at which point Ceilo was able to catch and pass his Brazilian teammate. Dos Santos time of 23.23 places him seventh in the world rankings.

Marcelo Chieriguini finished third in a time of 23.95.

Two of the international athletes representing the Corinthians during this week’s competition, Jeanette Ottesen of Denmark and Katinka Hosszu of Hungary, both had an exceptional day helping the team build what should be an insurmountable lead.

Ottesen, who won the women’s 100 butterfly on Tuesday posting the world’s second fastest time, took the 50 butterfly on Friday winning the event in a time of 25.41. Her time puts her on top of the world rankings and is only 17 one-hundredths of a second off her Danish national record of 25.24.

2014 LCM Women 50 Fly TYR World Ranking

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Inge Dekker of the Netherlands recorded a time of 25.93, just off her season’s and lifetime best of 25.55 which she recorded earlier this month in Eindhoven. Ottesen had control of the race off the start where she gained an advantage from her superior skill in the underwater phase of the race.

Daynara de Paula of Brazil finished third in a time of 26.64 which is under the Brazilian selection time for the Pan Pacific Championships.

In the preliminaries of the 200 IM Hosszu posted the seventh fastest time in the world qualifying in the top position with a time of 2:10.87, which is also a new championship record. In the evening Hosszu dominated the competition winning the event by almost eight seconds, recording a time of 2:10.60, which puts her in a tie for fifth with Aimee Willmott of Great Britain.

Hosszu earned bonus points for the Corinthians by posting a time which is under the South American record.

Florencia Perotti finished second in a time of 2:18.37 followed by Natalia Almeida who finished third in a time of 2:18.39.

Thiago Pereira took the men’s 200 IM in a time of 1:57.98. Pereia’s time is currently ranked seventh in the world. In an interview after the race Pereira told reporters that he was not at his best due to the effects of an oncoming cold.

Fellow Brazilian Thiago Simon challenged Pereira in the first portion of the race, but fell behind in the backstroke. Although he had a strong second half of the event it was not enough to truly challenge Pereira for the win. Simon finished second in a time of 2:00.37.

Gabriel Ogawa finished third in a time of 2:02.50.

Leonardo de Deus won the men’s 400 freestyle in a time of 3:50.90. de Deus set a new Brazilian national record in the event breaking the previous mark of 3:51.18 set by Armando Negreiros in 2007. It is the first time since 2009 that a male athlete has broken a national record in any of the distance freestyle events.

Miguel Leite Valente, who won both the 800 and 1500 freestyle earlier in the competition, pushed de Deus throughout the entire race, finishing second in a time of 3:51.36.

Giuliano Rocco finished third in a time of 3:54.55.

Carolina Bilich won the women’s 400 freestyle with relative ease hitting the wall in a time of 4:13.93. Manuella Lyrio finished second in a time of 4:16.55 followed by Poliana Okimoto who touched third in a time of 4:18.52.

The Corinthians took the women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay in a new championship record time of 3:43.16. Katinka Hosszu gave the team a substantial lead swim the first 100 split in a time of 54.40. The Corinthians fell to the fourth place position with 100 meters left in the event, which is when Jeanette Ottesen took over posting a 53.50 for the last 100.

SESI-SP finished second in a time of 3:44.50 followed by Minas who finished third in a time of 3:46.27.

In the men’s event Joao De Lucca gave the Pinheiros a lead swimming the first 100 meters in a time of 48.90. The Pinheiros eventually won the event in a time of 3:15.04.

Minas collected the silver finishing in a time of 3:17.20. Cielo closed out Minas relay splitting a time of 48.56.

UNISANTA finished third in a time of 3:18.02. The impressive aspect of their relay was the lead-off swim of Matheus Santana. Santana posted a time of 49.02, just missing Caeleb Dressel‘s World Junior record of 48.97.


  • Men’s 200 free – Nicolas Oliveira – 1m47s17
  • Men’s 200 free – João De Lucca – 1m48s30
  • Women’s100 backstroke – Etienne Medeiros – 1m00s77
  • Men’s 100 backstroke – Fabio Santi – 54s32
  • Women’s 50 freestyle – Graciele Herrman – 24s79
  • Women’s 50 freestyle  – Alessandra Marchioro – 25s17
  • Men’s 50 freestyle – Cesar Cielo – 21s39
  • Men’s 50 freestyle – Bruno Fratus – 21s45
  • Men’s 200 breaststroke – Thiago Simon – 2m11s99
  • Men’s 100 butterfly  – Daynara Paula – 58s83
  • Men’s 100 butterfly  – Thiago Pereira – 52s37
  • Men’s 400 individual medley – Thiago Pereira – 4m15s45
  • Men’s 400 individual medley – Thiago Simon – 4m17s98
  • Men’s 100 breaststroke – Felipe Franca da Silva – 59.91
  • Men’s 100 breaststroke – Joao Gomes Junior – 1:00.40
  • Women’s 50 butterfly – Daynara de Paula – 26.64


Olympic events:

  1. Bruno Fratus, Pinheiros, 50 free, 21:80
  2. Cesar Cielo, Minas, 50 free, 21:92
  3. Leonardo De Deus, Corinthians, 200 back, 1:57:77
  4. Felipe Franca, Corinthians, 100 breast, 1:00:31
  5. Tales Cerdeira, Unisanta, 200 breast, 2:11:16
  6. Daynara Paula, SESI-SP, 100 butterfly, 58:35
  7. Leonardo De Deus, Corinthians, 200 butterfly, 1:56:23
  8. Graciele Hermann, GNU, 50 free, 25:02

Non-Olympic events:

  1. Guilherme Guido, Pinheiros, 50 back, 24:95
  2. Daniel Orzechowski, Pinheiros, 50 back, 25:40
  3. Etienne Medeiros, SESI-SP, 50 back, 28:11
  4. Felipe Franca, Corinthians , 50 breast, 27:03
  5. John Gomes Jr., Pinheiros, 50 breast, 27:40
  6. Carolina Bergamaschi, Mines, 50 breast, 31:83
  7. Beatriz Travalon, Pinheiros, 50 breast, 31:98
  8. Daynara Paula, SESI-SP, 50 butterfly, 26:67
  9. Nicholas Santos, Unisanta, 50 butterfly, 22:95

Brazilian Youth Olympic Games Team so far:


  1. Matheus Santana, Unisanta 100 free in 49:21 Open 939 points
  2. Andreas Mickosz, Corinthians, 200 breast 2:14:24 at Maria Lenk 924 points
  3. Luiz Altamir Melo, Flamengo 200 butterfly in 1:59:27 Maria Lenk 923 points
  4. Vitor Guaraldo, Pinheiros, 50 back in 25:66, 914 points


  1. Natália de Luccas, Corinthians, 100 backstroke in 1:01:50 Julio de Lamare 933 points
  2. Giovanna Diamante, SESI, 200 freestyle in 2:02:39 Carlos Campos Sobrinho, 907 points
  3. Viviane Jungblut, GNU, 800 freestyle in 8:50:27 Maria Lenk 903 points
  4. Gabriele Roncatto, Pinheiros, 2:02:97 200 free, 899 points


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He was joking…but was MAD.He turn a bit on his side in his start, and he had to correct his body position underwater to swim properly.
Cielo MUST do some lessons with Ottensen…WONDERFUL start(again!).What absurd underwater…her submerse is insane!And she does that with her body position entry in the water, that makes the start blocks secondary.Cielo puts his strenght in the blocks, what makes an slingshot effect(and bust his knees in the long time), therefore, that necessity of the Omega blocks(where he can adjust for his size).


Pinheiros Relay today would be 9th of the World last year…

Good indication considering that on the relay was not Cielo neither Nicolas.. and maybe not Santana… and that Chiereguinni underperformed a lot!

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