Cielo Drops Out of Short Course World Championships to Rehabilitate Knees

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Cesar Cielo, 3-time Olympic medalist and 4-time World Champion, is dropping out of the 2012 FINA Short Course Swimming World Championships in Turkey to rehabilitate his knees.

According to his sports manager, David Arluck of Arluck Promotions:

“Cesar Cielo has decided to intensify the treatment that he has been implementing for his knees and will not compete at short course world championships in Turkey. The timing of this rehabilitation has been set strategically so he will be as good as ever for Long Course World Championships in Barcelona.”

According to magazine, Business Era, Cielo remains the biggest sports brand in Brazil. Based on a study done by the Business and Sport Image Managment and Career partnership, Cielo owns the spot over Portuguese soccer (footballer) star, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. Among many sports stars Brazilian fans love, Cielo received 26.6% of the vote, a full five percentage points ahead of his athletic peers. This data is surely due to Cielo’s long career on the global stage.

At the 2009 Rome World Championships, Cielo won the 50 and 100 meters freestyle. He repeated in the 50 meters freestyle at the 2011 Shanghai World Championships. Cielo returned to the Olympics in London as the defending champion in the 50 free, but finished 3rd, behind the winner, Florent Manaudou (France), and the silver medalist, Cullen Jones (Team USA).

The 11th FINA Short Course Swimming World Championships will be held December in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul won the bid to host the championships over Vienna, Austria.

Arluck Promotions represents nearly forty elite world-class swimmers, including Pan Am, World and Olympic Champions.

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He should transition to fly sprint events, as his freestyle performances have dropped off steeply. 21.58 in an Olympic final when your best is 20.91? Really?!

Philip Johnson

let’s be realistic, that time was done in a suit and we shouldn’t really expect him to get close to that. it’s an unfair comparison. but i do agree, he did underperform in London as he had a PB close to Manaudou’s winning time.

Cielo underperformed A LOT.Cielo made 21.59.He has 21.58 unshaved and unteapered in December.His 21.38 was well rested. For me, his coach made a bad decision making him do a hyper 100 free training.Every sprinter in his club team(Dos Santos and Oliveira) who went to London underperformed.Oliveira made 49.35(have 48.71) and Dos Santos made 49.68 in second leg of relay(have 49.1 in individual 100free). The times in Setti Colli(a month before London) give a hint what was about to happen.Cielo made 22.17 and 49.09….he opened the year in 22.18 and 49.51… all the others made the same. My question is:Why give pro16 a hard training workout-metrage just a month before Olympícs??? In the last 4 years, Cielo(and his peers) always made… Read more »
Philip Johnson

well, he’s dropping the 100 free right? so that should be advantageous. i still think he should swim in the relays though.

I think any male swimmer will probably hae a huge problem on 2012 focusing on 2 events.. except Sun on 400 and 1500 free.. every male swimmer will have a HUGE problem trying to win more than 1 event….

Philip Johnson

thanks, i appreciate your perspective.

Philip, Cielo wants to drop 100free since 2010, but brazilian coaches are always dreaming of a relay medal.A lot of them before Olympics was expecting medal even in TWO relays(free and medley).In Brazil, there is always political pressure to do something.I dont understand HOW they can expect a medal, if they dont have even a relay training camp, or some relay training group.For me, Cielo must be a wildcard, only doing relay when most of the guys are delivering well. For me, in a matter of time(no more than 2-3years) we will se a jump of improving in 50-100 free like we are seeing in breaststroke events.To be a TOP medal contender in 50free(read GOLD) Cielo must drop 100 free… Read more »

This is a very good decision. It’s better to spend a lot of time recovering now, rather than have recurring injuries a la Rice.

I hope he comes back strong for Rio. It would be fitting if he wins 50 in Rio.

Philip, Cielo has many sponsors(i believe something nearing 12).He is always in the media and knows how to explore that.He is probably the third swimmer in the world in profits(behind Phelps and Lochte, of course).
Well, i hope he recovers well… he underperformed A LOT in Olympic Games.He will have a lot to prove to himself in Barcelona.


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