China Excels at FINA Diving Grand Prix in Calgary

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May 14th, 2018 Diving, News

Courtesy: FINA

Athletes from China dominated the second leg of the 2018 FINA Diving Grand Prix, held in Calgary (CAN) from May 10-13, earning seven gold medals out of the 10 events contested in the competition. The only exceptions to the Asian supremacy came from Canada (two titles) and Germany (one triumph).

In the men’s 3m springboard synchro, Philippe Gagne/François Imbeau-Dulac (CAN) earned gold in 396.30, leaving Luxian Wu/Wang Zong Yuam (CHN) with silver and Jack Haslam/Ross Haslam (GBR) in third. In the mixed 10m platform synchro, the Canadian pair Meaghan Benfeito/Nathan Zsombor-Murray was also the best (310.50) at home, while the minor medals went to Issac Souza Filho/Ingrid Oliveira (BRA, silver), and Sophia McAfee/Jacob Fielding (USA, bronze). In the mixed 3m event, Frithjof Seidel/Jana Lisa Rother (GER) got the only European title in 276.27, and were followed by Stanislav Oliferchyk/Diana Shelestyuk (UKR, second), and by Donato Neglia/Alibet Noguera (CHI, third).

Otherwise, China largely imposed its superiority, namely in the women’s events, where all titles went to the Asian powerhouse: Chen Yiwen won (354.70) the 3m springboard final and paired with Wu Chunting to successfully lead (306.96) the synchro event. In the higher board, Lu Wei (424.35) easily beat her challengers, and was again the best (310.92) in the 10m synchro final with her teammate Zhu Yanxin. Australia, Canada, Great Britain and USA also had divers winning medals in the women’s field.

Among men, Peng Jianfeng (492.45) imposed his class in the 3m springboard, while Duan Yu (469.00) was also clearly above the field in the 10m platform individual final. In the synchro event, he performed also for gold (455.13), with Yao Zelin. Canada, Great Britain and Japan completed the list of nations with medals in the men’s finals.

The third meet of the 2018 FINA Diving Grand Prix will take place in Bolzano (ITA), from July 6-8.

Medallists in Calgary (CAN):

Men’s 3m springboard
1. Peng Jianfeng (CHN), 492.45; 2. François Imbeau-Dulac (CAN), 451.50; 3. Ken Terauchi (JPN), 442.55

Men’s 10m platform
1. Duan Yu (CHN), 469.00; 2. Vincent Riendeau (CAN), 442.50; 3. Matthew Lee (GBR), 418.90

Men’s 3m springboard synchro
1. Philippe Gagne/François Imbeau-Dulac (CAN), 396.30; 2. Luxian Wu/Wang Zong Yuam (CHN), 396.24; 3. Jack Haslam/Ross Haslam (GBR), 379.29

Men’s 10m platform synchro
1. Duan Yu/Yao Zelin (CHN), 455.13; 2. Matthew Dixon/Noah Williams (GBR), 397.98; 3. Ethan Pitman/Laurent Gosselin-Paradis (CAN), 392.28

Women’s 3m springboard
1. Chen Yiwen (CHN), 354.70; 2. Huang Xiaohui (CHN), 344.45; 3. Jennifer Abel (CAN), 342.90

Women’s 10m platform
1. Lu Wei (CHN), 424.35; 2. Lois Toulson (GBR), 336.90; 3. Robyn Birch (GBR), 334.00

Women’s 3m springboard synchro
1. Wu Chunting/Chen Yiwen (CHN), 306.96; 2. Margo Erlam/Ashley McCool (CAN), 272.58; 3. Carolina Sculti/Anne Fowler (USA), 255.27

Women’s 10m platform synchro
1. Lu Wei/Zhu Yanxin (CHN), 310.92; 2. Meaghan Benfeito/Caeli McKay (CAN), 303.42; 3. Brittany O’Brien/Annarose Keating (AUS), 268.02

Mixed 3m springboard synchro
1. Frithjof Seidel/Jana Lisa Rother (GER), 276.27; 2. Stanislav Oliferchyk/Diana Shelestyuk (UKR), 219.48; 3. Donato Neglia/Alibet Noguera (CHI), 208.95

Mixed 10m platform synchro
1. Meaghan Benfeito/Nathan Zsombor-Murray (CAN), 310.50; 2. Isaac Souza Filho/Ingrid Oliveira (BRA), 275.22; 3. Sophia McAfee/Jacob Fielding (USA), 250.50

2018 FINA Diving Grand Prix Calendar

1 – Rostock (GER) – February 23-25
2 – Calgary (CAN) – May 10-13
3 – Bolzano (ITA) – July 6-8
4 – Madrid (ESP) – July 13-15
5 – Kuala Lumpur (MAS) – November 9-11
6 – tbc (AUS) – November 15-18
7 – Singapore (SGP) – November 23-25

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