Carsten Vissering Breaks The 15-16 100 Breaststroke NAG Record

Carsten Vissering of Nations Capital Swim Club became the Junior National Champion today in the men’s 100 breaststroke today after winning the men’s 100 breaststroke in Irvine, California. Vissering’s time of 1:01.94 will leave him to the top spot on US Swimming’s Junior World Team Selection List. Prior to the swim meet, Vissering had the top spot with his time of 1:02.97. With his swim tonight Vissering has his spot secured in the 1oo breaststroke, if he chooses to travel to Dubai as a member of the 2013 Junior World Championship Team. He was followed by Joseph Bentz of Dynamo Swim Club and Andrew Schuehler from the Jersey Wahoos.

Carsten Vissering broke the previous record set at 1:02.29 by Christopher Higgins. Higgins swims at the University of California – Berkeley and will be entering his sophomore year. Vissering is well on his way to becoming a very regular name on the national level.

Vissering is not far off of short course yard American Record and the 17-18 national age group record holder in the men’s 100 meter breaststroke, Kevin Cordes. Cordes’ record time for the 17-18 100 meter breaststroke stands at 1:00.47. Cordes’s swimming career has really taken off the last few years, and Visserings has the potential to do the same. He will definitely be someone to keep your eyes over the next few years.

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He’s got a bright future, that is if he can handle some harder and more [frequent] training!


Great swim Carsten – we’re proud of you back in Maryland!


I don’t think that will be a problem. NCAP has the reputation of training A LOT.I know each satellite site has its own coaches and spin on what needs to be done but doubles and yardage were part of the overall NCAP philosophy at most sites.
Is Bruce Gemmel Carston’s coach?


Yes, Bruce G is Carsten’s coach. He used to swim with Coach Yuri (Ledecky’s old coach).


I mean no offense to Carsten personally, it’s just that he has been known to not have a exemplary track record practice wise.

PVK I am not sure where you are getting your information, but I work with Carsten in the college recruiting process and I have spent some time with him ( I actually did a yoga workout with him…almost killed me). I can verify that this young man has an outstanding work ethic. He is one of the finest young men I work with and has a “killer instinct” that only the great ones have. He has been blessed to have two outstanding coaches in the past few years in Yuri Seguiyama and Bruce.
Carsten will be world class wherever he goes to college.


I guess this is my bad then! I have heard rumours within the PV region on the subject….


Carsten works hard when he wants to


Unless you swim in his group, you have nothing to say on the matter. Rumors are rumors and Carsten is a phenomenal swimmer and works for every time drop.

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