Carlin Swimming Her Way Back to the Podium

Two-time Olympic medallist Jazz Carlin, is being driven by her outstanding performances at last summer in Rio de Janeiro.

The 26-year-old represents Wales and Great Britain competing primarily in freestyle.

At the 2016 Olympics, Carlin finished with two silver medals in the 400m and 800m freestyle (behind the indomitable Katie Ledecky), meaning she has reached the podium at all major competitions including, World Championships, European Championships, and Commonwealth Games .

Belief is what Carlin says has played a major part in her success at Rio. For Carlin, knowing that she and her team could not have done any more is what played a major role in her success.

After such a successful meet in Rio, Carlin isn’t thinking about stopping just yet.

“In Rio I still felt great when I was racing and I was still enjoying it. I will always love that racing environment so for now I just want to keep competing and keep trying to challenge myself every day” said Carlin.

According to the two-time Olympic swimmer’s Instagram she is continuing to train – including a recent 75,000 meter week.

As Carlin continues to train each day, she says “I am so lucky to be involved in the sport that I love and I am passionate about, and to do something like that every day you do feel very lucky to be able to say that”.

Carlin is currently practicing at the National Training Centre, Bath, where she has been a member since 2014.  Since then, she has experience continued success and continues to praise her coach Dave McNulty.

“He is that sort of coach that you want to do it for him. You want to make him proud, he puts in so much work, he is so dedicated and motivated and is so passionate about what he does” said Carlin.

Carlin says she hopes to make gains at the British Swimming Championships coming up April 18th.

Outside of the pool, Carlin is passing on the lessons of her experience and has acted as a mentor to 17 developmental female swimmers at the Arena Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis, United States.  It is part of a push to cultivate promising careers throughout the home nations of England, Scotland and Wales.

“I enjoyed getting to know them all as individuals, not just as swimmers but the person behind the swimmer as well” said Carlin.



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