Cameron Craig Arrested 2 Days After Pleading Guilty to DUI Charge

Just days after pleading guilty to driving under the influence, Ohio State swimmer Cameron Craig was cited for a 2nd time in Franklin County, Ohio on similar charges.

On February 5th, Craig was arrested on the same charge of driving under the influence, as well as allegedly driving under the influence while having a suspended license, failure to control a vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence – high level.

That high level charge requires a blood alcohol content of over 0.17 and carries additional penalties and jail time in the state of Ohio. The legal limit in Ohio is .08.

Craig’s prior charges for an offense on January 16th, 2020 included a charge for low level impairment, which includes a tested BAC between .08 and 0.17. That charge, along with 2 others, were ultimately waived after Craig pleaded guilty to a general driving while impaired charge, which is a first degree misdemeanor.

For the January charge, Craig was given a $375 fine and had his license suspended for 366 days. He spend 3 days in jail in total. The charges dismissed include going 75 in a 65 mph zone, failure to drive in marked lanes, and the low level DUI charge.

Each of his new charges are misdemeanors. A second guilty offense for DUI/OVI in Ohio in less than ten years carries a mandatory increase in penalties, including a minimum mandatory 10 day jail sentence. That carries an increase to 20 days when accompanied by the high test charge that Craig has, according to the Dominy Law Firm. The maximum sentence is up to 180 days in jail, a license suspension for up to 7 years, and a fine up to $1,625.

Craig has pleaded not guilty to the 2nd set of charges.

Prior to details of his arrest becoming public, Ohio State released the following statement: “Cameron is working through some personal matters at this time and that is his focus right now. He has taken a leave of absence from swimming and he remains a valued member of our program. We love him and will continue to support him and we ask that you respect he and his family’s privacy at this time.”

Craig previously competed for Arizona State, completing his freshman and sophomore campaigns there in 2016-17 and 2017-18. As a Sun Devil, the Michigan native was the 2017 Pac-12 champion in the men’s 100 free and won back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018 in the 200 free.

He then took last season off before announcing he was joining the Buckeyes this past August.

This season the 21-year-old ranks 28th in the nation in both the 100 free (43.03) and 100 fly (46.57), and has also been 19.89 in the 50 free. In his last appearance versus Kentucky, Craig won both the 50 free (20.07) and 100 fly (48.39).

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This is tragic. I hope that he gets the help he needs, if this isn’t just a one time occurrence.


Yeah tragically stupid


It is already a two time occurrence…

Ol’ Longhorn

He needs Phelps’ lawyers. And rehab.


All I see on social media is people acting like this guy is a victim and SS is the bad guy for reporting about it. Well, what about all of the innocent people he could be killing? Where’s Ohio State in this? Who’s helping this kid? They talk about ‘love’ but allow him to get behind the wheel drunk again? He’s obviously got problems. I hope the pressure keeps up until someone feels the need to finally step in and do something to help this kid rather than just window dressing support statements that obviously mean nothing.


I agree with this 100%


I remember the video of Phelps being under influence changing lanes when in tunnel at the speed of 85m/h. For sure I don’t want to be at this place at that time. It isn’t a joke a reckless driver. It’s a killing machine with high potentials.

NOT Anon

Why do you assume they aren’t helping him? Did I miss the part where you are entitled to know everything going on in this kid’s life?


Sure, if you want to make that argument after the first one, ok great. But, the fact that 2 days after pleading guilty, this kid was able to get access to a car, and wasn’t back in Michigan on house arrest until he completed a treatment program, says to me that the people entitled to know don’t REALLY care. Now that they have to answer to the rest of the swimming community, maybe they’ll put their money where their mouths are now. It’s my business because I have to share the road with drunk drivers. Every day, 30 people are killed by drunk drivers. That’s why it’s my business. I see too many people these days excusing drunk driving. Radio… Read more »

Country Oldtimer

Surely we are not blaming OSU for these DUI.
The person to hold responsible for these actions
Is the person who did the driving under the influence. I am sure Ohio State like most major universities have programs to provide counseling for all athletes in all sports but the athlete has to want to change his life style.


No one here that I’ve seen is defending DUI. How in the world is it OSU’s responsibility to make sure a student doesn’t have access to a car? How is that supposed to work? None of us have any idea what kind of attentions or interventions are underway. The only thing we can tell from the outside is that this young man is out of control, and doesn’t need to be thinking about high-level swimming right now. Everything else is total speculation.

Pack Mack

OSU saves proactive responses for the revenue sports.


Ohio State had a minor football player charged with a DUI when I was a student there. Suspended him for 1 game. For an action that could have taken his life and the lives of everyone around him on the road that night. I think that tells us all about how seriously Ohio State takes these matters. These issues need to have the light of day on them. Unfortunately, collegiate athletics have not proven that they have the ability to police themselves and hold themselves accountable. So someone else has to do it. I don’t believe that without everyone finding out about this, there was any chance he would miss championship season, and frankly, he needs to miss championship season… Read more »

Brian M

100%. Just for a little perspective, this isn’t a case of having a couple of beers…to get to a .17 BAC requires 7-9 beers in one hour depending on weight. This dude needs to spend time in prison.


I’d rather see him in rehab. Prison doesn’t reform people nor is it an appropriate punishment.

Brian M

DUI one, yeah I can see rehab. But this being DUI #2 less than a month later on a suspended license and a high level offense shows a complete disregard for laws and safety of the general public. Don’t you worry though, I am sure he will have a high powered attorney to leverage his privilege down to a less serious offense so he will get a slap on the wrist and walk. As I am sure you know, jail time is for persons of color and broke white people.

John M

He will do jail time


I agree there needs to be consequences for his actions as they are incredibly dangerous but there’s a lot of evidence to demonstrate that prison/ jail make substance abuse problems much worse. He obviously needs to have his license suspended, no access to a car, and likely rehab. The kid clearly has issues and needs help.


Totally agree. It is a blessing that he is arrested before he kills someone. Dude – your choices may be yours. You may want to live your life how you want. But, your choices are hurting yourself and everyone who loves you. Great job Ohio police.


I agree with everything you said, except he is NOT a kid anymore. Very sad. Hope for some good help coming his way. Take care Young Man!


if there is a college/university known for keeping it’s athletes in check. It’s THE Ohio State and Urban Meyer


Driving 75 mph in a 65 mph zone? Thats considered slow in Jersey.


In Jersey it’s 15 over or your holding up traffic


Glad I’m not the only one who thought that


Don’t speed in Ohio. The state is famous for ticketing 5-9 over.


And always has been. I remember them doing that in 79 to 83 era (55 mph limit then)


Especially if you have a Michigan license plate

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