Call Answered in Women’s 100 Free Prelims at U.S. Olympic Trials


There’s been a lot of concern over the state of sprinting in this country, and while through two rounds the men have left things a little fuzzy, the women have so far answered the call in prelims.

At this time in 2012, Dana Vollmer led the way after the morning heats with a 54.35, and only the top ten swimmers made it in under 55. Two months later in London, the women (Missy Franklin, Jessica Hardy, Lia Neal, and Allison Schmitt)  finished with a bronze medal 3:34.24.

This year, the top time posted in the women’s 100 free prelims is nearly three quarters of a second faster than this time last cycle; Abbey Weitzeil posted 53.58 today, which certainly foreshadows strong swims to come. Her time this morning (in prelims!) puts the 19-year-old at the 6th-fastest American in history.

However, the shadow of the Australian greats looms over the aquatic center here in Omaha. Dynamic sister act Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell hold the two fastest times in the world this year with 52.38 and 52.58 from the Australian Olympic Trials. As if that’s not scary enough for the Americans, the Aussies add in Emma McKeon, the fourth fastest woman in the world this year, who posted 52.80 at their Trials. Likely fourth-woman Brittany Elmslie ties for eighth in the world with 53.54.

But, the Americans are answering the call. To prove the success of the our sprinters, go back to this morning’s results. Today, behind Weitzeil, Amanda Weir (53.76), Dana Vollmer (53.80), and Simone Manuel (53.84) all came in under 54. In the finals of this event in 2012, only Jessica Hardy finished under 54, and just barely, with 53.96.

Furthermore, represented in the semifinals tonight, we will see nine of the top ten American 100 freestylers in history. Weir, Manuel, Vollmer, Franklin (9th this morning, 54.41), Natalie Coughlin (11th, 54.73), Katie Ledecky (6th, 54.04), Weitzeil, and Shannon Vreeland (tied for 12th, 54.87), represent nine of the top ten Americans in history, less only Dara Torres, the eighth-fastest American in history. Though many of us (myself included) spent months leading up to this event shaking with anticipation of the women’s 200 freestyle, the 100 free could end up being the more competitive final.

The Australians may prove unbeatable (although we certainly learned our lesson about calling any 4×100 relay invincible back in 2008), but it’s high time swimming fans stop writing the American women’s sprinting program’s obituary.

See the full results of the women’s 100 free prelims here.

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Attila the Hunt

I too so wish obsessive swimming fans stop writing the American women’s sprinting program’s obituary!


It’s more like a missing poster than an obituary

We know we’ll find it eventually

Captain Awesome

It’s an improvement but at least a second behind the Campbell’s doesn’t sound to me like “answering the call”. Just says that the 2012 trials were especially weak for the women’s 100 free.


I agree both with this and Attila’s post.


its just the prelims Your Awesomeness


Exactly my thoughts. And if I remember correctly, the Aussie trials had both Cambell’s and another individual (can’t remember the name at the moment) going sub 53 in the 100 free…We’re still a far cry from matching the foursome that the Aussies are going to be putting up…but still, it is just prelims. And if history continues, the Aussie usually swim at best what they swim at trials the majority of the time so there might be some ray of hope here.


You wishes this happens this time!!!! I can assure you if you want to beat the Campbell sisters, the American girls will have to go low 52s & if you want to beat McEvoy, you need to go very low 47s. They will not come back to field like Magnassun.

Steve Nolan

Taking a page from the Lyanna Mormont school of headline writing:


The way she stared down Ramsay Bolton was amazing.


LOL! You ruined it for me! I haven’t seen that episode yet! 🙂


Going on the internet without being caught up was your first mistake lol #spoilersEVERYWHERE


It’s not really a spoiler. It’s just a cool moment in an episode full of them.


Ahh nvm I just saw the video. Yea pretty big spoiler. But probably what your expected

Attila the Hunt

I really like this dramatic LOL


That girl is screaming badass. She easily became one of my favorite characters after that scene.

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