Caeleb Dressel Crashed Motorcycle In Late June, Nearly Missed Nats

by Maclin Simpson 230

August 12th, 2018 News

After some head-scratching performances from Olympic gold medalist and 7-time World Champion Caeleb Dressel at the 2018 U.S. National Championships and subsequent Pan Pacific Championships, it now appears as if some degree of explanation has emerged.

During NBC Sports’ tape-delayed broadcast of Pan Pacs Sunday afternoon, Rowdy Gaines‘ longtime on-air partner Dan Hicks announced that Dressel had crashed his motorcycle on a grassy median in late June in his hometown of Gainesville, Florida.

Following the 50 freestyle in Tokyo, where Dressel finished 2nd (21.93) behind American teammate Michael Andrew (21.46), Dressel told NBC Sports’ Ahmed Fareed that “It wasn’t anything too big.” He went on to say, “I had a gentleman pull out in front of me, so I had to avoid him… nothing major [of the injuries]. A few minor things. Other than that, I was fine… I think the accident was as lucky as I could have gotten with it. It maybe, maybe didn’t interfere with my training.”

In regards to riding the motorcycle moving forward, Dressel noted, “A lot of people have put a temporary hold on me… probably a permanent one.”

Individually, Dressel wrapped up Pan Pacs with 1 gold medal (100 fly) and 2 silver medals (50 free, 100 free). However, his times over the last 2 weeks were not at all reflective of his 2017 performances.

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Everything makes sense again. Happy that hes ok and cant wait for Gwanju!


Except his IG feed from the time in question.

Justin Thompson

Appears Bigly aka Ol’ Longhorn has been triggered by this news and/or has been drinking tonight, but he’s in rare form on the Dressel hating.😂🤣


It might be a monstrous conspiracy. (Sarcasm)

Bon Jovi

thanks for clarifying Walter

Steve Nolan


That we drive our own cars is crazy enough, but motorcycles are just a whole ‘nother level.

(“Individual people drove their own cars” is gonna be a thing future generations look back on like we look at people smoking on airplanes. It’s pretty nuts, if you take a step back. Basically the most wasteful and most dangerous way to travel.)

Glad he’s mostly OK! Guessing it was just a giant scrape or something? He seemed to downplay it.


Driving solo is a the epitome of living free in a free country. If you think that is going to change in America then you should perhaps learn more about the events of the late 18th century.


Yessir. The British wanted to force self driving cars onto the colonists too. Wasn’t til some real red white n blue patriots pushed em into the harbor that the colonists answered freedoms call and pushed those brits out. Don’t think we won’t do it again either. Read a book Steve.

Justin Thompson

Hahaha, a glimpse into the future according to Nolan.😜


I can see it now. You’ll be allowed a 1200 sq ft home, 3 different outfits, 30oz of water/1200 calories a day, no red meat/gluten/sugars, 50% tax rate, maximum of two children, and if you’re lucky you may even get to create them the old fashioned way. 🙂

Steve Nolan

Gross! I’m right with Sandy here:

What is your boggle indeed, sir.

Justin Thompson

Hahaha, yes when automated cars came into the conversation I was thinking demolition man as well. Stallone had the foresight all the way back in 1993.


That’s the song in the year 2525 if man is still alive. Anyways it says pick your sons and daughters too.

joe bagodonuts

Don’t forget the 3 shells!!!


Lol great reference in the username

Steve Nolan

Fully automated luxury gay space communism is going to be an amazing thing, comrades.

Cheatin Vlad

You are a good sport Nolan. 🙂

Lord Farris

I think you’re over reading into it, it’s not a p8litical statement he’s just speaking of the future of self driving cars.

Steve Nolan

Eh, not really. The self-driving cars is a part of it, but the horrendous ecological consequences of eighty kabillion cars is the other part.


I guess. They cars can be made to run on anything.

joe bagodonuts

I know! How dare we think we should be permitted to move about at will. Maybe we can save on airfares, too, by having swimmers in different countries, all swimming from synchronized starter’s . . . um, I was about to say “pistol” but realized that might be, well, a “triggering” event.

Jim C

I am sure he could pay Rochester more than Jack Benny does.

Steve Nolan

Thank you, Anonymous, for really putting yourself out there!

I’m not talking about America, I’m talking about the whole world. Driving is bad for the planet and incredibly unsafe for individual humans, too.

But hey, you seem to like history! Maybe look into why trolley lines were literally ripped out of the ground in LA in the 20th century. Or hell, for some recent history, check out why Nashville’s plan for mass transit failed. (Hint: Both might have something to do with business interests!)

Your sense of freedom is pretty infantile.


As I posted in the Day 4 results thread, stupid thing happening in Gainesville is not news.

Stupid thing happening involving a motorcycle is borderline cliche

Lord Farris

Someone pulled out in front of him aka it’s in no way his fault?

Justin Thompson

He should have waited for the self driving motorcycle to come along.


Bike v car. Car wins every time. Kind of like Rock Paper Scissors. Put the toys away. Time to be professional.


Would love to see the actual police report. I have Lochte being robbed at gunpoint stuck in my head.

Justin Thompson

I picture Caleb hitting the car and flying of the bike onto the street ala Tom Cruise in the latest Mission Impossible movie.


“When Dressel spoke to NBC, he said that the accident caused only minor injuries and that it “maybe did, maybe didn’t interfere with my training,” but according to a source, he was out of the pool for two full weeks and he only decided a few days before Nationals that he would compete.”

Looks like he’s downplaying it but it was pretty serious

Steve Nolan

And yeah, I realized my guess that it might have been a giant scrape would be fairly hard to hide over the last couple weeks.

If anything, I just really wanna know what got messed up now!! My next-best wholly uneducated and stupid-ass guess would be some kinda joint thing? Like he braced himself and a shoulder popped out for a second, or something.

JUST TELL US WHAT HAPPENED, BAELEB. Because I can’t stop grasping at straws here.

Becky D

Biodegradable straws, I hope.


He sure looked fine on his IG feed around that time. Check out his July 3 shot.

Bigly/Ol’ Longhorn – please adhere to the SwimSwam commenting policies that forbid users from using multiple names to comment on the same thread. Thank you.

Years of Plain Suck

@Braden BIGLY had a really good run during PanPacs at winning the “Steve Nolan Snark Award.”

So, you can’t be injured and still sit on a boat with your friends weeks after? lol


He has a point that driving is typically the most dangerous thing we day. Safety doesn’t really drive behaviour though. IF they become sunstantially safer on average AND there is a financial benefit to usibg them, people will.


I thought that younger people didn’t like the motorcycles as much as older folks did.


Surprised to see all the down votes here. I agree that in the future, folks will be baffled looking back at all the death we had associated with driving our cars, motorcycles, drunk driving, etc. Will be happy to see these fatality numbers eradicated once autonomous vehicles are commonplace, hopefully within the next couple decades.

But back on topic…please stay off the motorcycle, Caeleb! There’s a reason doctors call them donor-mobiles. Hoping for a full, long-term recovery!


Yeah, it’s really not a political thing. Driving is incredibly dangerous, and that’s easy to see from statistics alone. Roughly 1 million people a year die from auto accidents, with 15-60 million people getting injured.

In a similar vein, I’m really glad Caeleb is okay. What a relief. But motorcycle riding is much more dangerous than driving. It’s a personal opinion, but I really wish he wouldn’t jeopardize his career (life) by riding one.

joe bagodonuts

CDC says 3,500+ deaths per year from drowning (I am assuming that is just in the U.S.) – so, on the theory that any activity that can result in death must be stopped . . . .

Ex Quaker

It’s not that it must be stopped; it’s more that it’s important for people to understand the risks and manage their lives accordingly. Freedom is a beautiful thing and everyone is free to make their own decisions. It’s just my opinion, as a commenter and fan of the sport, that I wish our stars would conduct their lives without inducing unnecessary risk.


Holy cow. That went downhill fast.


Glad he came out of it alright!


Absolutely it could have been career or even life ending. Thank God he is fine and on top of that made the team in all the events he wanted to. I think he will be back to Budapest form next summer


But didn’t God make him crash the motorcycle?


Dressel needs to go back to the Bible verses no the cheek look.


God has given us free will according to the theology of most Christian denominations.