Brits Take 27 to Worlds; No Tancock Title Defense in 50 Back

Two out of the three 50-meter stroke champions from the 2011 World Championships have now failed to qualify for Barcelona title defenses in 2013. First it was the Brazilian breaststroker, and now it is Liam Tancock of the UK, as he was not on their roster of 27 announced athletes for the meet.

Ultimately, even with a limited roster size of 30 for the Brits due to funding restrictions, there was no big conflict, as the team settled under that number. Those taken include Michael Jamieson, who is currently the world-leader in the 200 breaststroke, and Jazmin Carlin, who emerged from a two-year slumber to take the world’s lead in the 800 free as well.

“I was surprised by my swims at the nationals after a couple of ropey months leading into Sheffield,” said Jamieson. “But those performances have given me renewed confidence for the World Championships.

“It’s a very different approach for Britain’s swimmers this year with the trials coming so close to the World Championships but overall I’m pleased with the progress made.

“I now have a training camp where I’ll work on my final preparations and I’m looking forward to challenging for a sub 2:07.00 time in Barcelona.”

The biggest shock might be the lack of an obvious foursome for a men’s 400 free relay. With young British sprinters Adam Brown and Benjamin Proud swimming very well, the Brits didn’t take the 4th-place finisher in the 100 free James Disney-May, so that will be no free relay unless they use someone else in that 4th position.

The women are in the same boat, as only the winner from the 100 free final (Fran Halsall) is on the roster, while Jessica Lloyd Rebecca Turner, Grace Vertigans, and Emma Wilkins are not.

Even in the women’s 800 free relay, where the Brits were 5th at the Olympics last year, only event winner Eleanor Faulkner is on the roster. They could likely still cobble together a good 800 between Faulkner, Carlin, Hannah Miley, and another 4th option, but Turner’s inclusion on the roster could have filled out two very good relays.

And finally, Michael Rock from Liverpool has been accepted on the strength of a 51.9 in the 100 fly; odds are he can have a bonus swim in the 200 fly, despite swimming only prelims and scratching his way out of semi-finals. British Swimming has opted against taking veteran Joe Roebuck, who missed the qualifying standard by .01 seconds – a standard faster than the one set by FINA – in his only event at this meet.

One relay that should swim, and quite well, would be the men’s 400 medley relay. With Chris Walker-Hebborn taking over the mantle as the team’s primary backstroker, Jamieson and Rock swimming so well, and with Brown coming back to a peak now working with Brett Hawke at Auburn again, that’s a relay with top-5 potential. With another few years of maturation, perhaps a medal for Rio is in sight.

  1. Adam Brown – Hatfield/Auburn
  2. Daniel Fogg – British Gas ITC Loughborough
  3. James Guy – Millfield
  4. Michael Jamieson – British Gas ITC Bath
  5. Ieuan Lloyd – City of Cardiff
  6. Craig McNally – Warrender
  7. Ross Murdoch – British Gas ITC Stirling
  8. Roberto Pavoni – British Gas ITC Loughborough
  9. Ben Proud – Plymouth Leander
  10. Robbie Renwick City of Glasgow
  11. Michael Rock City of Liverpool
  12. Jak Scott British Gas ITC Stirling
  13. Chris Walker-Hebborn British Gas ITC Bath
  14. Daniel Wallace – Warrender
  15. Josh Walsh – British Gas ITC Stirling
  16. Andrew Willis – British Gas ITC Bath
  17. Sophie Allen – British Gas ITC Bath
  18. Jazmin Carlin – British Gas ITC Swansea
  19. Georgia Davies – British Gas ITC Swansea
  20. Eleanor Faulkner – City of Sheffield
  21. Francesca Halsall – British Gas ITC Loughborough
  22. Jemma Lowe – British Gas ITC Swansea
  23. Siobhan-Marie O’Connor – British Gas ITC Bath
  24. Hannah Miley – Garioch
  25. Lauren Quigley – Stockport Metro
  26. Amy Smith – British Gas ITC Loughborough
  27. Aimee Willmott – Middlesbrough

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7 years ago

The chances are that British Swimming are waiting for all these people to slug it out in an appeals process. I bet they already know which 3 they are taking (as long as they appeal, I guess), and then will rest their decision on that process.

If only they had left the numbers (max team size) at the original 36. Tut. Tut.

7 years ago

the only 50 meter WC who will go is Cielo in the end..

Can´t believe Tancock is out.. Felipe had a surgery… but what happened to Liam?

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
7 years ago

…he will probably end up going…

7 years ago

I cannot believe they did not take Joe Roebuck….way to discourage anyone…

Reply to  Paul
7 years ago

All that effort, just to be kicked in the teeth! It shows that the Brits have it wrong AGAIN!!!

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