Brian King Suspended From Coaching for 6 Months; Children for 3 Years

Brian King, an Australian swim coach accused of several child integrity violations including emotionally abusing children and lying on his resume, has received a three-year suspension from coaching children, according to a letter to parents who made the complaints.

King’s punishment will include a 6 month banishment from coaching swimmers of any time, followed by a 12-month probationary licence. In total, he will not be allowed to coach children under the age of 16 for three years, according to The Daily Telegraph.

According to a report by SwimSwam’s Jared Anderson in May, King’s presence at the Miami Swim Club was littered with inconsistencies. He was hired as an assistant without approval of the club’s Board of Directors, and was later found to have falsified several items on his resume (and will not require a re-certification of several licenses before he can resume coaching).

He was also accused of throwing objects at swimmers, verbally abusing htem, and making one get on all fours and “bark like a dog.”

King is still believed to be coaching Chinese swimmer Sun Yang after Miami head coach Dennis Cotterell was ordered to stop. We have requested comment from Swimming Australia on whether King’s suspension extends to international swimmers, or even clubs in other countries (King holds American citizenship as well), but as it was after-hours on a Sunday, did not receive immediate response.

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Glad It's Over

Brian King was found to have breached the Child Welfare Policies, but he was also found to be in breach of General Codes of Conduct, which includes: being ethical, considerate, fair and honest in all dealings with other people; refraining from any form of harassment towards others; providing a safe environment for the conduct of activities in accordance with relevant Swimming Australia Policy. Also, the Coaches conduct, including: maintaining a duty of care towards others; compliment and encourage with positive support and feedback.


Finally, swimming Australia have dealt with this low life of a man that has abused, intimidated, humiliated and broken so many young Gold Coast’s swimmers. I am grateful Brian King has finally been punished for his crimes, but am not convinced it’s harsh enough. I applaud all who were involved in this extraordinarily long process to rid the swimming community of this sick, sadistic man. Let’s hope he is incapable of producing the documentation required to continue coaching after the banning is lifted. Why hasn’t the Gold Coast Bulletin reported on this story?


Gold Coast Bulletin reported today: “Gold Coast swim coach Denis Cotterell escapes penalty over bullying inquiry”


We all know this man is a grub….and it sounds to me like USA don’t want a bar of him either! Fingers crossed that this banning does cover what I believe it should…….Swimming Australia’s wording was “Banned from training for 6 months” should mean BANNED regardless of whether he elects to train the Chinese or swimmers from other countries. Their ruling made NO mention of “with the exception of foreign swimmers”. Come on Swimming Australia – pull your finger out and show some professionalism.


Brisbane Courier Mail are next to publish. Great media support!


“Swimming coach findings: elite swimmers complained about King’s sacking in 2013” The bullying tactics of a handful of King supporters at the club was atrocious. Kowalski did not once enquire about the welfare of King’s victims, instead went in all guns blazing. Did Kowalski conduct a background check on King or bother to contact the victims? No. Those victims too are the people Kowalski is supposed to be protecting – future national swimmers. Unfortunately many gave up because of the abuse they suffered. Even after all this time and the findings, a handful of vocal King supporters are still in complete denial; vocally proclaiming King’s credentials are legitimate and vilifying the victims. This is why the cycle of abuse… Read more »


Kowalski represents a tiny % of swimmers in Australia.
He in not voted in by membership majority, just the majority of the Australian Swimming team members in a vote.
Perhaps it is time to have a true Australian Swimmers Association President?
The way some of the parents from Miami have stood firm might make one of them a great President.


Precisely JS – I can only assume that Kowalski ran off at the mouth based on what DC told him – he made NO (ie: ZERO) enquiries with the Committee about what happened and why. There is a very long story associated with all of this that is sitting with the appropriate people. DC’s conduct in this whole affair was (at best) unprofessional and at worse, well I wouldn’t like to say. It will all come out in time.


Pretty soft punishment for this nasty piece of work.
I think the children and their parents who suffered as his hand will be watching for any possible new employers………
I suppose we should be happy/surprised that SAL made a decision , and acted.

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