Brenton Rickard Shares his Insights on an Impressive Career

It has been more then a week since Australian swimmer Brenton Rickard decided to hang up his goggles and call it a career. Earlier this week we took a look back at his career and today SwimSwam had the chance to catch up with Brenton.

SS: For you what was your career highlight?

BR: I think winning world champs in 2009 is the highlight. But the silver medal in Beijing is a close second.

SS: As an athlete what do you want people to think when they hear the name Brenton Rickard?

BR: I would hope they think I was professional and supportive.

It is a privilege to represent your country, do those before you justice and likewise leave something that future swimmers want to be apart of.

SS: Who are three people that influenced your swimming career?

BR: My older brother Nathan, who swam for Australia in the late 90’s. It is pretty special to have a living, breathing example of what it takes to become an Australian swimmer in your own house to try to emulate.

Vince Raleigh, my coach from age 10 to 25. He put the effort into developing an athlete not just training a body.

Kieran Perkins. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was 10 after his 1992 victory and felt inspired to chase a dream as he had.

SS: What memories do you have of your first experience on the national team?

BR: My first team was world short course 2002 in Moscow. Unfortunately for me and many of the team the most memorable thing about the trip was that most of us got horribly sick towards the end of the meet and flight home!Rickard_Brenton

SS: As you became a veteran and a leader on the team what were the three major lessons or pieces of advice you shared with the younger members of the national team?

BR: It is a privilege to represent your country, do those before you justice and likewise leave something that future swimmers want to be apart of.

Don’t take anything for granted, make good choices everyday to get the result you want.

You are only ever one good swim away from having a good meet and vice versa. So don’t lose hope or focus.

SS: You have had a very long and successful career what is your advice to young swimmers about how to fulfill their dreams?

BR: Find the enjoyment, if you can find fun or satisfaction in the tough situations then it will never feel like work.

SS: Did you have someone you looked up to as a young age group swimmer?

BR: My brother was a huge influence and inspiration to me. Plus my ego would not allow me to have my brother be better than me……

SS: What are your future aspirations?

BR: I would like to stay involved with sport, especially swimming. I have a small role with Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games so I would like to see that through to games time and see from there.

SS: Daniel Kowalski has commended you for your efforts as a major part of the ASA, are you planning to continue to be involved in swimming?

BR: I have thoroughly enjoyed my work with ASA and I plan to stay involved for the foreseeable future.


You can find the latest news on swimming in Australia on the SwimSwam Australian Channel. You can also access the channel on the drop down menu under News.

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