Brazilian Olympian Felipe Lima Becomes U.S. Citizen

Olympian and individual bronze medalist at the 2018 FINA Short Course World Championships, Felipe Lima of Brazil, has become a United States citizen. The 33-year-old made the initial announcement via Instagram and confirmed to SwimSwam that his formal ceremony and oath-taking will be in a couple of weeks.

“When the dreams come true! Happy to say “I’m American”. Thank you for all who truly trusted on me and helped me on this journey!,” is how Lima expressed his excitement at the news. He elaborated to us that, “I love to live in America and when I came here, becoming a citizen was my dream.

“To represent America at some point is what I want,” says the Brazilian national record holder.

Lima says he will continue to represent Brazil through the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle and then see where things go from there.

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When the dreams come true! Happy to say "I'm American". Thank you for all who truly trusted on me and helped me on this journey!

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The Brazilian took 50m breaststroke bronze in Hangzhou, as well as bronze as a member of his nation’s 4x50m medley relay. Before that, Lima had taken the 50m and 100m breaststroke gold at the 2018 South American Championships, setting championship records in each. Lima currently trains under Coach Sergio Lopez at Pinnacle Racing at Virginia Tech.

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Why is he becoming an American citizen and racing for Brazil? Is it just because it would take a while to get everything together before Tokyo?


There are other advantages to being an American than just swimming on Team USA in Olympics, have you seen the crime and way of life for most Brazilians?


“way of life” really man?


as if there wasn’t a high rate of crime in the Use …

bobo gigi

Yes, Ervinforthewin. It’s hilarious. USA is one of the most dangerous nations in the world but looks like even some Americans are not aware of that. When you can’t buy a Kinder Surprise egg but easily buy a gun, you know there’s a problem. And about the standard of living, again, looks like most of Americans don’t even realize that the biggest economic power in the world, USA, is in fact in many ways a third world country. No universal healthcare (since 1945 in France). No federal maternity leave (16 weeks in France). No federal paid vacation time (5 weeks in France)! No federal paid sick leave (since 1928 in France). No free universal preschool apart from NYC and maybe… Read more »


I love it when Bobo jumps in for a hot take on ‘Merica. i won’t dive into all this, so I’ll just leave you with how Bobo will have to experience the “American exceptionalism” first-hand while watching the upcoming Olympics, when America dominates yet again.


Universal healthcare seems great until a government official decides ur not worth the cost for certain treatments. Also I would rather keep what I earn instead of dealing with that miserable tax rate.


Yeah. Gas stations get robbed all the time.

Coach John

actual citizenship and sporting citizenship do not follow each other automatically. there is generally a process of a few months to years to have them line up. look Arkady Vyatchin or Santo Condorelli for some recent examples.


Who doesn’t want to be an American citizen? I guess it is more about life in general than the sport.


You should get out more..


Many would not like to be ….u just have no idea


Why does this pro America comment have so many more dislikes than likes?


The internet’s not only available in America.

The assumption everyone in the world wants to be a US citizen is slightly crass. Most people are proud of the country they are from and have no strong desire for the citizenship of another country.

I’d certainly never assume that everyone wants to be a British citizen, for obvious historical reasons (which the US has some of its own these days, sure there’s lots in Vietnam and Iraq who’d rather die than swear allegiance to the US).


It’s not like he’s not Brazilian anymore. Many people are dual-citizens.


A literal fascist has become his nations president


Not here!


Are you referring to the US or Brazil?


Is his wife an American?

Captain Ahab

Congratulations Felipe Lima!

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